Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Babies (Chicks) Grew Up!

Sometime in the Spring the
urge to head to Roots Livestock
Auction and buy some chicks came
over both Warren and Myself.

We were down to four layers.
While they keep us pretty well
stocked with eggs we had a whole
second side of the coop available
for some new babies.

So...we went and found six silkies.
Remember these?

Well, like any good parent I went out
and took more pictures the other day.
It is harder now, since they have to
stay in the coop. Thankfully this side
of the coop has an access door on the top.

Normally, I use this door to give
them grass and dandelions.
Oh, they love that.
The hens learned long ago that humans mean
good things. These guys are still learning
that because usually if I am out the dogs
are with me and there is no love lost on
the dogs from the silkies.

If you are thinking they are still
pretty small, you are right. They are
Bantams. Just the right size for our
little coop.

Notes on raising chickens:

1. They need lots and lots of clean water.

2. Keeping food in the feeder makes you popular.

3. Chickens are pretty smart. They will find a
way to get your attention if they need something.
We get such a kick out of this little hen.

She is the "spokesperson" for the rest of the hens.
If they are out of food or water she "tells" us.

4. It is possible to choose favorites out of the henhouse.
Meet Mabel...

She is definitely a star.
I can see her from my kitchen window and
watch the wind ruffle her feathers.

5. Don't forget to provide grit if your hens are
not freerangers. This is necessary for strong egg
shells. Ours must get plenty of grit because they
make very hard shells.

6. While I wish our hens could free range, there are
way too many predators in our neighborhood. We are
also pretty close to two roads. I won't put our hens
at those kind of risks. Predators are a very serious
risk to chickens and eggs. Last week our neighbors had
three black snakes in the the same time!

7. Regarding their safety and as it relates to the coop,
it is very necessary to bury the fence all the way around
the coop. Foxes will dig to get in if they can.

8. For some reason, when I give them greens they have
to take it and shake it good. I find it amusing.

Coming up tomorrow...
I'll be "Hooked on Something".
You'll have to come back to see
what that might be.
It is a very fun party hosted
by Julia at Hooked on Houses.
You would enjoy playing along,
I'll bet. This link takes you to
last week's party so you can get
ideas...or just see what it is all

Sending you wishes
for a very happy day!



Mrs.Rabe said...

They are so cute!

Tracy said...

Oh, my goodness...from sweet fluff-balls to handsome beauties...amazing seeing this sort of timeline post, Becky! is amazing! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Becky, thanks so much for sharing. I so loved going to the hen house with Grandma as a child. I didn't like getting the eggs, but I sure loved watching Grandma take the eggs. She just reached under with the gentlest of care and out came an egg. She would just go right down the row. I was always so fascinated. Talk about a beautiful yellow egg, store bought eggs should be a sin to buy, once you have had fresh farm eggs. Living in the city, these are some of the things I miss most. Not being able to have what you want to raise in your yard. I live one street over from the one acre farms and I can hear the rooster crow in the morning, and when the wind picks up I can hear the horses whinny. I love it as it takes me home. Thanks for bringing a memory to mind this morning. I love this post Becky. Thank you. Country Hugs, Sherry

Lindsay said...

I love the ones with the little poofs on there heads!


Persuaded said...

My Louisa has chickens too, and I was amazed at how much personality they have... they really are pets (even though they give us our breakfast,,,and dinner too sometimes☺)

LV said...

Now that is the cutest little chicks! I an see why you enjoy them. When I was growing up on the farm, my favorite things was to gather the eggs. Have not thought about that for awhile.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, they are so adorable. Gee, this brought back so many mom had Bantams the entire time I was growing up! You have so many! Loved seeing this.

Barb :-)

Sandra said...

Hi Becky! I love your post! I will have to show this post to my hubby. :) He wants to look into getting chickens.

l♥ving life as mommy and wife! said...

Very cute! I never knew they had so much character!

Debbie Pearson @ Creative Chics said...

Such funny looking little babies to begin with, made me smile :)

Gayla said...

How adorable!!! I love these little hens, too! You are a lucky "Mommy."

Charm and Grace said...

I found this post very fascinating. For a long time my hubby has talked about wanting chickens, and you have given some real practical advise on the things to consider if we ever plan to do that. Right now with where we live (suburb), we can't. But maybe one day...


Kelly said...

Cute post! My grandparents on my dad's side of the family, had chickens all the time we were growing up, and they had some silkies too.