Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's Dangerous...This Thinking Saturday

After just a few hours of sleep one never knows what will come out onto the keyboard.

Well, lets see.
What am I thinking about today?

1. Last night was soooo much fun.
This could take a you have coffee?

My husband has a talent and a past that is often forgotten about.
He has run sound and camera for some very impressive people.
He used to work for a television station and then two radio
stations that hosted concerts. He was the go-to guy for
the sound. He is very gifted at it.

Last night he did his first sound job in a long time.
We went to a small Christian Camp in Dillsburg, PA.
They were hosting a Southern Gospel Sing.
What made this so special was the personal history of
this event. Shortly after Warren and I started dating
I tagged along as he did whatever was needed technically
for what they then called the "All Night Sing".
I have to put it that way because we disagree about
what he did that year. I remember him at the "house board"
but he says he must have just been filling in there and was
likely running monitors or camera. Either way, I was
impressed at that stage of our relationship.

That was the last time he had accepted the offer to work
at this event. We lived so far away and we were starting a
family. This type of life can be hard on young families since
so many events happen evenings and weekends. Wives and children
often have to be left behind while the husband is out and
about. Sometimes this is a bad combination. We chose not
to go there. But, the kids are growing up....(wink!)
Maybe in our retirement years...anyway, back to the story.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when he was asked if
he could help a friend out. We were actually pretty excited
about it. He misses getting his hands on equipment and mixing
sound to perfection. This opportunity involved mixing the
music for two live DVD's that were going to be produced from
this performance. What fun this would be.
Disclaimer: Neither of the groups that made live DVD's are
the ones I am featuring here today. There were several groups
that played last night. For my own reasons I will just feature
these two groups.

The weather was ominous. Huge grey clouds met us
as we drove toward the event.
Then the skies opened up.
But, as we approached the event site it stopped
and the sun came out!
I heard several "Praise the Lord" comments from event
sponsors. They were quite concerned about the
threat of severe storms.

Just some of the equipment that Warren used last night.
So many knobs...and each one makes a tiny difference that
adds up to a sweet, clean and rich sound.

We were tucked away in a mobile techie unit.
A converted RV. Most of the night found us
watching and listening from here on a small
monitor over our heads. My neck got so stiff!

The Collingsworth Family was there...

You might remember the song,
I Can Trust Jesus, that I featured
here for some time.
This sweet faced girl sang that.

Unfortunately they didn't sing it last
night but let me tell you that by the time
the Collingworth Family got up to sing the
crowd had been sitting for hours.
It was still.
Then came the roar of the standing
One man we were working with who had not
seen them before came over to tell me how
much he liked them! I had told him earlier
that he was in for a treat. He had impressed
me as one with a very "good ear".
Apparently I was right, as he could only
rave about their talent and even better to
me, his impression of the family dynamic and
the way the children are being parented.
All good.

I took these photos off the monitor.
Not too bad for that source...

I enjoyed the Palmetto State Quartet so much
more than I had anticipated. Larry Strickland,
husband of Naomi Judd, was singing bass last night.
He is soooo good! True tone and range!
This is a relatively newly formed version of this
quartet and it really works!
Their piano player, KC, also played a very mean saxaphone.
Ahhh...what an evening!
Loved it!

We saw friends from back in the good old days.
When we were more involved in the music world.
Sometimes I miss it.
If you didn't know, Warren and I met because he
was the sound man for a music group that Dad and
I sang in. I had to trust Warren with my voice...
sound guys have a lot of power, you know.
Then I learned to trust him in everything.
Great decision on my part!

I even found a friend from our old stomping
grounds in State College, PA. She is one
of my Mom's closest friends and it was so
wonderful to see her. Joyce played the piano at
my Dad's funeral and is just one of the sweetest
people I have ever met.

Anyway...we got done with the last group who
had to be recorded for their DVD around 12:30
am, I think...and got home about 2:30 am,
much to the happiness of our dogs, who must
have thought they wouldn't see us for days,
judging by the happy response they gave us.

It was so lovely to spend the evening with
my husband who loved what he was doing!
Me thinks we need to make sure he gets to do
more of this!

2. Mikey tries again today to get his driver's license.
I am a bit concerned because he wiped out on his dirt
bike again this week and has his thumb immobilized and
has the other arm all wrapped up. I wonder if that will
count against him or if he will have trouble with the test
because of it...Well, it is in God's hands.
It doesn't matter if I sprout perfectly white hair,
this kid is going to be a dare devil. It is the way
he is made. Pray for me, would ya?

This has been a long post.
But yesterday was so special.
I hope to remember it for a very long
time. I am very thankful for friends who
allowed Chelsea to spend the night last night
and for our Moms who enjoyed an evening with
the boys.

Thanks for reading my ponderings.
I am making an attempt to keep all
"diary type" posts to Saturday.

Hope your day is good.
I could sleep some more but we have
a Fellowship Meal at church tomorrow
to prepare for and I am one of two
bringing food for our breakfast table
there. We are supposed to launch rockets
this afternoon, if the weather cooperates
and then there is the usual Saturday stuff
at the church to prepare.
So...I am off.
Type at you later!


Journey said...

This sounds like such a wonderful time. Glad you enjoyed!!!

SmilingSally said...

You are one busy lady! The all night sing sounds like a tiring night of fun. I wish the best for Mikey. Have a good Fellowship Meal tomorrow.

LV said...

It looks fun was had by all. Nothing prettier than a good christian song by a good singer. Sounds like the family performing were crowd favorites. Very enjoyable post.

Joyce said...

Glad you had a fun night of music no matter the stiff neck today. I hope your Son passed his driving test.