Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Time for Thinking...on This Saturday!

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If you are up for a tour through what is
on my scary mind you can read here first.

Warning: I am going where no homemaking,
homeschooling, friend making blogger should
ever go...I am talking Politics!

As I watched the Memorial Celebration for Senator
Edward Kennedy from beginning to end last night
I was struck by several things.

1. He was a person with family and friends.
He will be greatly missed by them.
Having set at my own father's funeral
and seen and heard him on videotape
during that service...
my heart went out to them.

2. Senator Kennedy had a lot of power and
used it to the best of his ability.

3. I still disagree with very many of this
man's lifelong goals, as it relates to larger
government and social issues.

4. It was really LONG!!

But, overall, what has struck me about this whole
scenario is the insight into the inner workings of
career politicians. To see Senator McCain, whom I
greatly admire, Vice President Biden, whom I disagree
with most of the time, and Senator Dodd talk about
their numerous years on Capital Hill left me feeling
very dissatisfied.

I am reminded of the many years
we have studied history.
We have learned so much about
the intent of our Founding Fathers
as it relates to our Political Structure.
I don't believe any of them
would have foreseen a day that
it was a vied for career.

To spend your entire life
in this job. With lifetime perks
above and beyond what the
average American could hope
to achieve.

No, I think their intention
was that Representatives
of the People would have
been regular people,
well thought of in their
hometowns or States,
who would serve for a short period
of time and then pass that burden
on to someone else.

It should be a burden.
It should be very hard work.
It should not be a cushy,
Old Boy's Club that I thought
was represented last night.

What truly struck me was the Mayor
of Boston's bragging about their
Fundraising "Good Cop, Bad Cop"
routine. Talking about Senator
Kennedy calling and telling the
donor he needed them to give
1.5 million, only to have that
person, seemingly under pressure,
call the Mayor who let them off the
hook by a half a million.

Did that strike you as wrong?

Isn't that an abuse of power?

At least it didn't seem morally
admirable...I am sure this goes
on for both political parties,
but boy does it make my hackles
go up!

I could go on...but I won't.

I just long for the government that
was intended...
"Of the People, by the People and for the People".
Abraham Lincoln 1863 in the Gettysburg Address

We are so far off course.

Now, we do have to do our part.
I love to complain, but this year
I had to get involved and write a
letter to my Senator. How else can
they properly represent us if they
don't know what we are feeling.
So, I encourage you to take just
a few minutes and express your opinions
to those who have been elected to
vote for you.

Just the impressions I walk away with
after an evening of remembrances...

I did truly feel for the family.
Two losses in such a short time.
Obviously this man was an important
and vibrant part of the family.

Hope you won't stay away after this.
It is pretty rare that I go off on
a political rant. However, if I am
going to it will most likely be on
a Saturday.

Have a fun weekend.


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Becky, This was actually beautifully written. While I know that you tend to be more conservative and I tend to lean more toward the liberal, I cannot disagree with you. I am happy to read your thoughts, and think that it really is sad that we don't necessarily trust the people running our government...either way. Your writing this post just shows that you are a lady through and through and I an honored to have the opportunity to know you.
♥, Susan

BittersweetPunkin said...

Aside from politics...Kennedy was a human being indeed and it was nice to see the party line disappear so those who knew him could come together and honor him. I feel as you do....our representatives need to represent THE PEOPLE...not their own agendas and that is NOT being done. Health care is a perfect example...the American People do NOT want it forced on them and it should be stricken away.

Oh...I can go on and on for sure!

detweilermom said...

Becky I agree with your post Dave and I were talking about this this morning. No matter anyone's political views they do have a family that loves them.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

No, political posts don't bother me as long as they are respectful and not full of false propaganda (either way). I was interested in your thoughts and felt that you made your points while staying civil.


~~Deby said... is all about $$$$$...who has to raise it, how to take it away from Ameicans...and give it to whomever they wish...etc...Jennifer of Double Nickel Farm did a great post and reality check on this..think you might be VERY interested..
this was not the way it was intended was it..hope...keep these coming..while we have the RIGHT too...

SmilingSally said...

I did not see the service. What you say you experienced does not surprise me.

Rhondi said...

Hi Becky
I came for the rooster party but decided to read this too. I agree with everything you said. What has happened to the wonderful concept of government by the people for the people?

Elena said...

I am disenchanted with politics too. Anytime you have a lot of perks, power and money to gain you have corruption. That is how man's heart works. We are so in need of the Lord and His precious Spirit to keep our hearts pure and in check. Thanks for sharing and have a great Sunday! Elena

Carol said...

I say ditto to your post today. Well written, Becky.


jeanne said...

Dear Becky, I am wandering down my favorite blog list and I landed on you. I too watched the service and will feel for the Kennedy family and their losses all through the years. I can't agree with their politics at all, but I do respect a long career which he showed himself to be a faithful servant. I say RIP.

I also say your feelings reflect mine exactly. Well written and well said. We are a country that is walking down the primrose path. I fear for America and do not trust politics on either side. I fear for our children and their children and so on. I pray for our country and for much needed guidance to carry on what our forefathers fought for. A free country by the people and for the people. Our government has lost sight of that principal where so many Americans died or were maimed, fighting for America's freedom.

We all need to speak out for our principals. Now is the time for freedom of speech, if there ever was.

Thank you Becky for speaking out. I admire you so much.