Friday, May 15, 2009

Week In Review

We enjoy a Beautiful Life at
Hospitality Lane...

Of course not!
But all the
ways that matter...

This is my Beautiful Life Post
for Melissa's Inspired Room link.

See how others are enjoying the
beauty in their lives.

It can't be Friday already,
can it???

What a very full and busy week!

On Monday Georgia and I went to
a local greenhouse to choose some
annuals for our flower gardens.

I picked out coleus, portulaca and
those yellow spikey flowers...the
name escapes me...

Tuesday I bowled badly and then went
off to the dentist for the completion
of the crown project. No numbing needed
and I got to sit in the massaging chair.
Not too bad!
The crown fits perfectly.
I am happy.

After that fun...
some friends joined us at Roots Market to
eat supper and then they left as we
waited to purchase some silkie chicks.
It was absolutely crazy in the animal
auction barn but I thought it was awesome
that Warren had the best time watching and
finally bidding on our new "babies".

Six little fluffballs.
We are enjoying them so much!

Wednesday Warren had a doctor's appointment.
I went along because he has some ongoing
issues that have not been properly addressed.
Sometimes you just have to get proactive
and choose a doctor who will be very thorough.
I have found this to be the case
with the Gastro Group I use.
So, I took him there!
Thankfully we are finally
on our way to getting answers.
The poor guy is going
to have to endure some testing and
blood letting but
I think when all is said and done
we will know something.

My favorite part of the time spent with Warren on Wednesday
was lunch at Willow Valley Family Restaurant. Each year
the Lancaster County Tourist Industry makes up a coupon
book that offers specials at the various attractions.
We are in the process of using as many of these as we can
since they only last one month. We will be eating out more
often than usual throughout May.

When Warren and I were done and he was back to work, I puttered
around in a local shopping center while waiting to meet some
friends for homeschool co-op business.
As of Wednesday I have become
an official Mrs. Meyer customer!!
I bought some lavender countertop cleaner.
My bathroom will smell just lovely forever more!
In my fondest hopes anyway!
You bloggers are influential!

Wednesday's highlight was a Mother/Daughter
banquet at Georgia's former church in York
County. The very efficient men of the church
served 300 women. As usual, the food was
outstanding...although Georgia found out that
the men get Roast beef for the Father/Son Banquet
and went on a mission to get our traditional
chicken breast changed to Roast Beef. It was so
funny to see her talking to the various men about
it and how they each directed her to the next guy!

Yesterday was the least crazy of the entire week.
We went to see Behold the Lamb at Sight and Sound.
This show has been reworked a bit and I loved the
changes. What an inspiration. I cannot sit through
any of the shows at Sight and Sound dry eyed. Just
can't! The man who plays Jesus is, at one point, on
a donkey at the back of the theatre looking into the
eyes of those around him. We were in the balcony
just within his line of sight. As he looked into
my eyes I lost it.
The tears flowed.

Can you imagine the love and power
packed in the gaze of Jesus?

Can you imagine being
in His presence?

This actor nailed that impression
as he looked lovingly at the crowd
around him.

Made me yearn to sit in the Presence
of Jesus! To pour out all of the
concerns of my heart. To love Him
and thank Him for all He suffered for
me. Wow! One day that is going to
happen face to face. Until then, He
is here. Loving, listening and softly

After the show we headed off to Hershey
Farms with our Moms.

Yes, we were using
yet another coupon from our books. Since
Mom also works at Sight and Sound she has
her own book.
Makes it great for
family budgets.

This has been a very full week.
I am hoping for some sun outside
today to plant those flowers purchased
on Monday. As it is they are sitting
on the driveway...just waiting patiently.

Tonight we are to play some baseball with
other families from church. That should be
interesting. This is our first game of the
season. It is great to watch the young,
energetic ones play!

Nothing serious.
Just for fun!

Hope you have had a wonderful week and
that your weekend shapes up nicely.

It has been sad to hear and read about
all of the tornado damage near to Lisa
at Cranberry Flats. A couple of people
have lost their lives there. One just
never knows.

Take care friends.

You are precious to me!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Smilingsal said...

That production of Behold the Lamb must have been amazing!

Carol said...

Wow, you did have a busy week! Enjoy your weekend!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Hi Becky, you sure did have a busy week! The baby chickies are soooo cute!

I wish my dentist had a massage chair, now I'm jealous! LOL


Judi said...

You've had a fabulous full of interesting things. I haven't heard of lavender counter cleaner but I'm going to have to look for some.
Dinner out and with friends and beautiful nice!
I hope it all continues throughout the weekend with great weather too

Realmomma said...

Hey, you aren't too far away from me! We live in York, PA. Our realtor lives in Lancaster.

Loved the pics of your chicks. We raised them a few years ago when we lived in the Poconos. I miss it. They are so cute, and I love fresh eggs.

Vee said...

What a nice review of your week! I am sorry that your precious hubby is having some troubles, but I am so happy that you are now on the case. Yup, sometimes that's what it takes...a caring wife!

Mrs. Meyer and lavender cleaner, eh? Oh dear. It sounds like something I need. ;D

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Becky!

You indeed had a full and wonderful week...fantastic! Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

To look in the face of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ...oh my goodness how wonderful that will be! :o)



Terri and Bob said...

Heavens, how did you keep up with yourself? :-)

JD said...

It does sound like a very busy week!
Many years ago, I saw "Behold the lamb", at the Sight and Sound Theater. It's something you never forget...