Thursday, May 14, 2009

Project Procrastinator - A Bit Underwhelming

O.k. my original goal was to sand and paint
both of these chairs and then give them new seats.

I posted it with every good intention.

Then my husband read the post.

If you could have seen his face...

I knew then that my plans had to change.

So, it came down to the chair that was in
the worst shape. The one that only had this
chance to survive.

The seat was sinking, the joints were wobbly.
With much help from my son, as you can see here,
the chair was taken apart, glued, tightened and

I then used a spray paint to accomplish the
color change.

But now to my dilemma.

I am unsure as to the best next
step when it comes to redoing the

I have options...

This chair had webbing.
I could go buy some webbing and
then make a seat top to go over it.

Or, my original plan was to just use
a piece of plywood and make a new
hard seat covered with foam and fabric.

Then I looked at the other chair I had
intended to paint...until I knew that would
upset Warren...and it has a wonderful caned
seat. It is in great condition.
So, I am wondering if maybe I should get
this seat caned...and make matching floating

I am leaning this way.

So, you look, and tell me.
What would you do??

Arrrghhh...I hate it when the project I
can see in my mind's eye is so much harder
to achieve than I imagined.

It is coming.
In love and respect for my
husband I want it to be done I am using a much
unused tool...patience.

Really...if you know me you know
this is not my strength!

I love Melissa's chairs and
Vee's Cupboard!!!! It is shaming
to show you this little almost failed

Melissa said I had to.

Thanks Melissa!
You are a wonderful
inspiration. Hope things
get much sunnier at your

For more Procrastinator's Projects
tune in Here!

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


Terri and Bob said...

I like the idea of caning it and then making floating cushions. I am a girl who changes her mind a lot and this would allow you to always have a seat available while you are creating new cushions!

Vee said...

Have it caned! Or, if such a thing is possible, go to an adult class and learn to do it yourself. My sister learned caning and loves to do it...she finds it relaxing. Until you do get it caned, anything will work as a temporary fix. I do love the painted looks so fresh and bright. I think you are a wonderful wife to be sensitive to your husband's concerns. The fact is that some things should NOT be painted. It scares me how many of us may have made this error. I know I did when I painted that jelly cupboard the first time over original buttermilk paint. Ackkk!!!

Mrs. Rabe said...


The chair looks awesome painted...the fabric looks great and when you figure out what to do with the seat it will all come together.

I say if you want to cover the seat anyway, just go with the hard seat with foam and fabric! Remember "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"!

~~Deby said...

what a great chair..I know that whatever you choose will be perfect..if
will check out your links..

Teresa said...

It's amazing with a little paint will do- and white is so fresh and clean- the beauty is in the imperfections =)

Mrs. Petrie said...

I know exactly what you mean about knowing what to do with a project and having a difficult time executing the actual work. It's very frustrating! I like the chair in white and the fabric you have is great. Good luck!!

Neabear said...

Thank you for coming by. I had to laugh at your comment about using the fabric stash you already have instead of buying new. I guess that is how we keep our stash multipyling! LOL! Your project looks great. I like the cream color of the chair. You have a start on it just like I have a start on mine.

Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

I see why you chose that chair. The frame is so nice! I don't know what you can do with it, but maybe put a piece of leather over the seat and staple it underneath (covering the whole seat area) and then make a chair cushion that can sit on top of it?
Just a thought.

Songbirdtiff said...

It is a beautiful chair. At my house, things start to get complicated when my hubby gets involved. :)

june@craftyniche said...

What you have done so far with the painting looks great! Fabric is so pretty too!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, love that creamy color!!! Can't wait to see the finished product.


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Canning? That must a hard work, eh? You really rock, girl!

The pastel/creamy colour really fits and I adore them. Question, if you like them too?

But, hey! you done a great job.

BugaBoos Creations said...

It looks terrific and I can't wait to see it finished!!! You did a wonderful job painting and I am sure it will look beautiful whatever you decide to do!!

Persuaded said...

i would have it caned.. definitely!

but i should add that i have the benefit of a good friend who is a master caner. she does caning demonstrations at fairs and living history events all of the time, and she is always happy to do caning for me. for free. yeah... so i get anything caned that isn't nailed down;)

Kim @ Manning Family Tree said...

I feel for you girl. Hubby's can put a cramp in our style sometimes. I have no idea what you should do with the seat. I'm not good at making decisions. That is why I procrastinate so much. Good luck with whatever you decide. The paint job looks great though.

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Becky, I think the chair would look really pretty canned if it's not an expensive thing to do. Otherwise I probably would go with the plywood seat and cover it with some pretty fabric. It looks really great painted!


Karen said...

I have a friend who got a library book on caning and caned a chair she needed fixed. It looks perfect!

So my vote is caning. (You know, learn a new skill in your "spare" time. lol) Would one of your kids have an interest in learning to cane? It could become a side job, I bet.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...


I am proud of you. Your chair looks so much better. And whatever you decide with the seat will be the finishing touch. Caning would be lovely, but maybe expensive I am not sure.

Thank you for being such a great encouragement. I adore you and I am honored you joined in the party along with all the other wonderful ladies! What a great group of blogging friends we have, eh?


KarenB said...

I have the same chair. I think I posted when you started the Procrastinator's Party. This is my plan for my chair. The webbing is broken. Then the leather seat broke. So, my plan is to have my husband cut a piece of plywood to cover the hole. Then I'm going to make a separate cushion with a skirt to cover the plywood. It would be a quicker solution than re-webbing at this point, anyway.

Carla said...

My husband once caned a chair using just instructions from a book. It looked great but turned out a bit "saggy". The next time we had a chair that needed a new caned seat he was able to find a caned insert and just "tapped" it into the holes. We still have the chair 30 years later and it is doing great. With the advantage of the internet I bet you could find a caned seat replacement for your wonderful chair....maybe even in white!