Thursday, May 28, 2009


Things are busy around here.

Chelsea and I just returned from
dropping Mikey at a landscaping
job. It will be a challenge for
him but I believe it is just the
right size for him to start on.

It is in the city so it is a
relatively confined space.
It was all I could do to pull myself
away because it looked like a
lot of fun!

Anyway, after dropping Mikey
off Chelsea and I stopped at
our Amish friend's house and
picked up five boxes of glassware
to make into candles.

There are orders for three
households included in the
five boxes. Funny thing is...
I was not going to make any more
candles this season.
I'm such a softie!

What can I say?

Then my sweet daughter and I
enjoyed breakfast at her favorite
breakfast spot in Quarryville on
our way home. She twists my
arm so well. It was great to
talk about our next four years of
school. Since she is entering the
high school years we needed to discuss
her general direction.

It is not a surprise to hear her say
she wants her primary focus to be
on writing. This is her passion.
She writes chapter after chapter
for fun. So, we will make a very
diligent effort to perfect her writing
skills and enter many writing contests,
submit things for publication and
attempt to build up a nice portfolio
over these next four years.

She will also become even more
proficient with multiple word
processing systems.
It is going to be so fun!

If you could have seen her face when
I told her that it was "her highschool"
and she gets to set the focus.

Of course, there was that moment when
she realized she still has to do math...
but hey, that is not so bad!

She will do a business/accounting
math track and will learn Excel
through and through.

I will learn it with her. I use it in
a very surface way but want to be able to
do more.

A huge plus to homeschooling.
Moms learn so very much!

Each of these things will benefit her greatly as she
moves into the next phase of her life.
It is so good to have the options of building
a program around her future interests.

I even think she will like the organization
of accounting. After all, she is
my little organizer.

So...that is about it up until now...
our day.

Unless you know of a remedy for getting
fluid out of one's ear canals.
I have tried everything recommended to
me so far with no success. It is about
to make me go mad! lol

♥♥Becky K.♥♥


JD said...

It does sound like you are having very busy days...but aren't they all this time of year? Chelsea has so many wonderful opportunites available to her, I'm sure she is going to go a long way...(especially with a teacher like you :-) Becky, could you email me the names of some of the restaurants in your area that you especially like? When you have time of course!

Mrs. Rabe said...

Sounds like Chelsea will have a lovely high school experience! So wonderful to be able to focus on their interests, and apply it in all areas! Makes learning fun!

Karen said...

We tried warm olive oil with garlic in Allison's sore ear a few weeks back.

I've heard of rubbing alcohol or vinegar(?) to dry out the ear, too. Maybe google for the info? I know I remember seeing recipes for it on google.

Lisa said...

A girl after my own heart. I love to write, but I hated math, still do. I still use my fingers, ha.

I used to get a lot of fluid build up/still do, and a lot of earaches. My diabetic doctor told me to use something like Afrin Nasal Spray up my nose. Some how that effects the ear canals and relieves pressure. It does work. I'm not sure it's right for your problem, but it may be worth a try.

Smilingsal said...

When homeschoolers are in high school, your job is almost finished. Have you looked into dual enrollment with a local community college? It's a good idea.

Becky K. said...

We may do this with Chelsea. Many of our friends do this. Two local colleges allow students to audit classes free under certain circumstances but it is also very convenient to take classes at our local community college. Then they just transfer after two years to wherever they want to pursue their major.
You are right.