Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So....God Does Love Me, Right?

I hit publish on last night's post and spent the next half an hour
weeping.....just letting the tensions go.

As I began to feel better I heard the kitchen door close.
It seemed a bit early for Chelsea, 
who was out with friends
at a Bible Study.
But I wasn't concerned.

Around the corner came son number two.

I remarked that indeed he was not Chelsea.
He agreed.

Then he proceeded to say he needed to speak with us.

He was planning to join the Army.


Now I have to say that this is not 
a totally new

this was a totally new and serious moment.

I called Warren from wherever he was in the house.

Mikey began to talk.

I began to sob.

Remember, I was already emotional.
I had just typed the words about crisis...
 referring to them 
in the past tense.

Silly me.

What in the world was I thinking????

long story short.
We will likely meet with a recruiter soon 
and see what the next step looks like.

Please pray for us as we learn about 
this new (to us) world.


Vee said...

God most certainly does love you and Mikey and Warren and all you call yours are His. Still...the timing! Sounds like God is growing a testimony. Sending a gentle hug and love...

Mrs.Rabe said...


And isn't really surprising. I told you long ago that he was the kind of guy who became a navy seal...

God's timing is so different than our own, but He is working for your good in all things.

I read these words early this morning -

Psalm 62:8 -
Trust in Him at all times, you people;
Pour out your heart before Him;
God is a refuge for us.

I needed those words and so do you dear friend.

Cry out to Him and Trust Him!

Love you.

Carol said...

Change is hard, especially when it involves our children. You have raised him to follow God's calling, whatever direction it leads him. Prayers for you all during this time of change.


Theresa said...

I will be praying for you dear friend! God will provide you comfort and protection for your Son! HUGS!

Gayla said...

I felt your shock when I read this, just as I felt your incredulous relief in yesterday's post. I cannot begin to tell you how much I understand both of them. Oh, honey. I can only attest that living with silent grief locked tight inside cannot be good for us. I ought to know. I told myself I couldn't let grief out when Daddy died to the fullest because I was afraid I'd never stop. Then sometimes it hits--- the red shirt at Christmas, the little grin when Mom spouts off... Where are you? Other griefs I have stored so well I cannot even begin to name them...That's about us..

Then we factor in the Mom thing...

And I heard a Jewish proverb that says a mother is never any happier than her saddest child. How true. I know military mothers are amazing women, which you are... but life is so scary, unpredictable, and threatening... this didn't help.

You are an amazing mother, daughter, wife, and child of God... I believe the best for you. Hugs from Missouri.

Amanda said...

My little boy is 4 and I already feel like crying at the thought of him going to college, joining the military, or otherwise someday leaving his mommy. I have to take a breath and remember that we are only "borrowing" our children from God. They are His children. Put your son in his strong hands and let Him work His wondrous plan.

Praying for you and your family!