Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hard Days

Sunday afternoon was going along in a very nice kind of a way
with a fun ladies meeting where we enjoyed tea
and a talk by my awesome mother.
This talk was about trusting God.

That He is trustworthy.

He is indeed.

It is a very good thing we know that.
For shortly after we finished our time together
with prayer for needs in our group
there was an urgent call.

Our dear friend, Amy, was in trouble.
I won't recount the details.
If you'd like to know more you can read
Deanna's blog post 

We are so thankful that God spared Amy's life.
She is very precious and special to all of us.

We weep with their family for this loss.

Then yesterday I went for some tests on my heart.
I started this process with one group and have 
had to change cardiology groups midstream.

Test number one went smoothly...
as far as I could tell.
Test number two....
not so much.

There were complications and 
I ended up needing 2 doses of nitroglycerin
and oxygen
to calm my heart back down.

I am left wondering what I will find out 
at my next appointment.
It seems that I'm not really going to like it.
But I'm praying that it isn't as bad as it seemed.
Perhaps they will simply add another med.

I am a bit apprehensive.
There is no doubt about it.

I passed it along as a prayer request to the ladies at church
and immediately received a call from one of them.
She reminded me of Mom's talk.
Honestly, I had not even thought of it.
But how perfect was that timing?

Not many hours later
I turned on the news to watch a killer tornado
roar through Moore, Oklahoma in real time.

It is no wonder my heart is heavy today.
I've seen that many of you are feeling the same way.
But the best news is this:
Our God is trustworthy.
He can be trusted...
in all.

Whether it is a bad medical test.
The tragic loss of a darling baby.
A son heading into the Army.
A daughter heading to the other side of the world.
A road trip to new places.
Any number of other things we may face,

We can worry....
For all the good that will do.

Or we can trust.

I'm going to try.
Really, I am.

How about you?


Theresa said...

Oh dear friend, I am sad for Amy and will pray for her and YOU as you await the test results! HUGS and prayers coming your way!

Gayla said...

I am thinking of you and the trials, joys, and uncertainties we call life. I know from experiences those tests can be terrible in themselves. It is good you are taking care of yourself. Such a special daughter, wife, mother, prayer warrior... You bring so much compassion into all our lives. Be safe. Hugs from Missouri.

Carol said...

Times like these are so tough even with strong faith. You've got a lot on your plate. Running tests & waiting for results is not fun. So sorry you had difficulties during your heart test. Praying you hear good news at your appointment.

Love & Hugs,

Mrs.Rabe said...

I thought of how timely your Mom's talk was while we were in the midst of it all...

I've been in a cocoon of sorts dealing with my emotions from Sunday and only today saw photos of the tornado.

We all need Jesus - he is the only source of help!

Praying for you Becky...have a good trip!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Becky Sweetie...
I am so sorry to hear of your friend Amy's loss. I will be praying for her and her family the strength they need to get through this.

You my dear friend, I am sending up prayers for you as well. God will mend your heart and give the dr.s the knowledge that they need to find the problems and repair them. You are in the best hands possible.

Have a blessed day sweet friend. Many hugs, smiles and much love, Sherry

Vee said...

Becky, when I read this yesterday I was overcome. Didn't have a word to share that would have had any meaning at all. Just wanted to sit down with you and chat...over a cup of tea and something delicious to take our minds off current troubles. So instead, I prayed and asked The Lord to take good care of you and to do His work in your life and Amy's...

Phyllis said...

Praying for you Becky. Hurry back soon. Angela's café is in our future. I am going Friday and I will miss seeing you. Let's go again when you get back. Have fun and don't worry.

Linda Gross said...

This is a lot that you are facing. I pray that God gives you the courage and strength to see you through it all.