Monday, May 13, 2013

Triple Baby Shower

This evening's baby shower was sweet.
Three mama's....two born babies...and one about to be born.

Precious little Benjamin.
He came to the party with his eyes open
and a good appetite.

I got to hold him for a bit.
That was awesome!
It has been way too long since these arms
have held one this young.
He was two weeks old on Sunday.
His mama, Susanna, is very dear to me.
You may know her as belonging to Katie
if you've been reading here long.

Our baby shower was held at 
in Lampeter
with the amazing food being 
catered by 

It was the perfect place to meet up.
We reserved it after hours
and were delighted
by the 
service and food we enjoyed!

I ran out to take a photo of the sign.
I love the new logo.

Chelsea and I have been championing this 
local cafe since they opened.

Deanna, of Creekside Cottage, snuggled with little Owen.
He is growing so quickly.
But thankfully he still has that newborn snuggle thing
going on........

Molly, who is about to become a big sister again
practiced her baby holding skills on Benjamin.
I love this face!

Brigette and Kim open gifts with Molly's help.
I think Molly is going to help to dress her new baby 
brother when he gets here.

Trying to keep the centerpieces simple I used 
these glass boots which I filled with sand and a 
hot chocolate tea light.
Then I searched until I found little cowboy hats.
These were set on a piece of bandana fabric.

Some of the food.....
Fruit tarts.

Ham or Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwiches.

Petit Fours.

Lemon Bars....
Some thought these were the best thing there.

Best Ever macaroni salad.

My favorite Item...
Red Potato Salad.

Our evening together ended 
with prayer for these ladies 
and their families.

Such a special time.

I know everyone is busy these days
but I'm soooo thankful for those who were willing
and able to come out and celebrate
the miracle of life and these 
lovely women who are dedicated 
to God and their families.


Carol said...

What fun! The food looks amazing!


MYSAVIOR said...

Everything looks perfect!


sammysgrammy said...

Totally lovely - gorgeous food pictures (taken before anyone dug in) making me very hungry........

Aloquin said...

Beautiful food and place (if I lived in Lancaster, I'd be in that cafe all the time!) but, the most beautiful part (despite the precious babies!!!) is that you had prayer :) That is such a pleasure to read :)

Praise Him.

N. said...

Great picks of the food. Love your centerpiece idea!

Congrats to the mommas!

Aloquin said...

Beautiful food and precious baby photos... but the best thing is that you had prayer :)

Vee said...

How neat to have three little ones in the church family. I suspect that they shall be wonderful friends. Very delicious looking food and the favors are terrific.

Linda Gross said...

Congratulations to each of the moms. You did an excellent job photographing the food; looks delicious!

Lemon Lane said...

Lovely and meaningful baby shower! I know from experience how nice it is to have other mamas with little ones close in age...great playtimes await them! :)

Handiworkin' Girls said...

What a lovely meal! Surprised to see the snack sets - I thought no one else still used them. ;)

Melissa Gill said...

What a neat place for a baby shower. It looks like everyone had a good time. I would have loved to get in on that baby snuggling!