Friday, May 10, 2013

Back to School

Edited to add:
Haha....on one very sleepy evening I actually did 
update you on the school stuff. forgive me for the repeats!
Remind me never to post when exhausted.
However, there is more information in this post
and it took me a while to write so it stays.

On this lovely day in Lancaster County
Chelsea and I have some plans this morning.
Nothing fancy....
just some cafe time together.

Then, a bit later this afternoon, 
 I'll be off to that Lancaster City Middle School
to make hot chocolate mugs with 
the kiddos there.

Some of you said they were waiting to hear 
how it went after the first time.

Well, I may be late in letting you know
but here it is.

I had a blast.
Teaching is one of my favorite things
to do.....ever.

These kids were fun.
They may have been a bit skeptical when they 
came in but one girl expressed it well when 
upon leaving she turned and thanked me
then said, 
"This was actually fun!".


That's my payday.
Love it!

The second time I went 
the kids were so 
They had been on a field trip that day
so I took it easy on them and after getting
our candle making demos done
 the second group and I 
played 20 questions.
I have an hour with each group.

We also put the wicks into their mugs
in preparation for today's adventure.

There really isn't three hours worth of candle making
to teach middle schoolers.
Making candles is a LOT of hurry up and wait.
And since I'm carrying in and out everything
we had to do things that could be done and
set up within an hour.

Last time I demo'd 
spearmint tea candles.

For the first class I made tea lights 
that were headed to 
The students were properly impressed at 
my world wide fame!

So....that leads me to trying to figure out how to fill
the waiting time today.
Maybe some fragrance identification game.
I'm thinking they'll be sniffing the oils today
and running a bit of a relay.

In between putting marshmallows on their 
hot chocolate mugs.

It is going to smell soooo good in the classroom today!

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Theresa said...

Sounds like that was a bunch of fun:) Sweet little ones making something special! Hope you and Chelsea enjoyed your Girl time! Have a blessed weekend and Happy Mother's Day! HUGS!