Friday, May 3, 2013

Goodbye Busy Week, Hello Busy Weekend!

Bring on the toothpicks.  
My eyes are going to need them!

After a week filled with emotion, 
exercise, work and even some fun, 
we are headed into a weekend that is 
at least as busy.

 I'm still coming to grips with the fact that as I type 
this it is Friday evening.....
11pm on Friday evening.

Too much has happened this week to 
document all of it but the highlights are time with my 
darling family, a date with my husband, time teaching 
at a Lancaster Middle School, Candle Making (of course), 
Walks with my puppies, Walks with the Moms, 
Meeting "new" neighbors,  A Mega shopping trip, 
A follow up doctor's appointment about my migraine,
A birthday dinner with a special 18 year old friend,
and more.

Tomorrow and Sunday are to be beautiful which is 
great for all of the outdoor activities we have planned.

The Spring photos in this post are from our many walks in the
neighborhood this week.
The trees are very stunning here this year and thanks to 
cooler temperatures they are staying nice longer.

Here are a few photos of my middle school students today.
I purposely avoided their faces.....pretty much.

I just love these youngsters. 
I felt for them today as they were exhausted.
They had just returned from a field trip to Lake Tobias
and as one reminded me not only were they tired from that...
...but it was Friday.
The end of the week for them.
This after school program is the last thing they do before 
they head home for the weekend.

I'm blessed.
You have encouraged me with your kind words
as we adjust to Michael's plans for the Military Service.
If he gets his wishes we will become a part of a very 
special group of people.
The military family.

You also "got" the whole grieving thing this week.
Thank you.

I strive to be real and honest here.
I don't share everything, of course, 
but if it seems that it is something that you can help me with....
or if it can help someone else,
I don't mind opening up.

Now I need to quit blabbing 
and get some 

Good Night, dear friends.


Mrs.Rabe said...

Sleep well!


Melissa Gill said...

I just love all the beautiful flowering trees and bushes around your neighborhood!

How neat for the kids to be able to learn candle making. I want to join in on that class! :)