Monday, May 21, 2012

Horses, Horses, Horses

Lancaster County is horse country.
We may not have many famous stables but we do have a lot of 
smaller stables and many, many horses.

With the Amish community using horses for 
driving their buggies and the many riding stables
there often comes a problem.

Homeless horses.
For many reasons.

It is often surprising to inexperienced horse lovers
to find out how expensive it is to maintain a horse.
Whether you are paying for board or 
simply food and vet bills this is not an cheap 
Often the reality of the expense
 results in the need for emergency 
rescues of very nice horses.

Of course there are many other reasons
why a horse would end up in need of  a new home
but whatever the case whenever possible
Noble Hill Rescue takes them in and works 
very hard to find Foster and Permanent homes for 
the needy horses and ponies.

My Mother-in-law,
volunteers at Noble Hill Rescue.
Saturday they held a horse clinic.
Warren and I stopped by to visit and support this good cause.

 We met the horses up for adoption.

Calmly taking it all in.

We were happy to see new stalls in the barn.  Additional space for more horses.

Each horse had its own description.  This was one of the oldest horses available for adoption.

Dreaming of a new home?

Another horse was being brought out and they were very interested in what was happening!

The source of their interest......

Georgia with a tall horse.  I love how high he holds his head.

Whitey is a thoroughbred and was nervous with all of the attention.  We hoped he would enjoy the apple but he just sniffed it a couple of times and pranced off.

Volunteers are essential at rescues such as this.  The work is hard but the rewards are great.

Preparing for the horse parade.  They were about to be shown off to prospective adopters.
Since these guys weren't up for adoption on this day they got to stay in the pasture.

Beautiful acres to graze and be ridden.

 We kept seeing this little sweetie as we took our tour.  She was enjoying the horses, 
the chickens and even the kitty who was hanging out in the barn.

Her mother wants her to have riding lessons when she is old enough.
I think she will love that!!

Horse clinics and expos are wonderful places to take your children 
to introduce them to farms and large animals.
You never know, it might just become a life long interest for them.

This woman is a horse masseuse.  
She was interesting to watch and listen to.
Horses who are ridden or driven end up with muscle 
pains and strains. 
This lady knows how to identify the lumps, bumps and 
stiff muscles and work them out.

 She gave a thorough demonstration on Tony.

Very, very interested in the camera!

While not up for adoption on Saturday this horse was extremely friendly and didn't want us to leave.
We had a wonderful time.
I would encourage you to check out this horse rescue or one near you
if you have any interest in learning more.

Ways you can help:

Volunteer your time
Donate your cash
Donate supplies
Spread the word
Donate others cash....Fund Raise


Vee said...

Interesting post, Becky. I loved seeing Georgia's work featured. She looks like a natural in that setting.

We don't have a lot of horses in my area. I don't even know of a rescue in the entire state. I do love to walk through a horse barn to see horses, though. They are such beautiful animals.

Marydon said...

Horses & deer ... the most gorgeous creatures I can sit & watch for hours.
So appreciate all the rescues & efforts of the people involved.

Have a great day ~

MYSAVIOR said...

As always, any animal rescue tugs at my heart. What a blessing to these horses. Thank you for making us aware of this.


krafterskorner said...

Cool! I wonder if there is a rescue center around here? If you bit the apple first he probably would have eaten it. Sometimes you have to rub it on their nose so they get a taste of it.

Elena said...

Mary loves horses and she would be heaven to go to a place like that!

Theresa said...

Well, I sure enjoyed my visit with those lovely horses! I love the pictures! My favorite is the one of them in the pasture with the barn and silo in the background! OH and the one of the horse sniffing the camera:) Love it! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Aloquin said...

A refreshingly different post, with EXCELLENT photos! I am a beach and oceanlover, but I could sure get used to living in beautiful PA. I hope those wonderful horses get homes!

Anonymous said...

It is good that Noble Hill Rescue is able to provide a home for these horses. Several years ago we visited a farm animal rescue, where they take in pigs, goats, cows that have no where else to go. That facility was in the Watkins Glen area of NY. By the way, have you ever ridden a horse? I haven't.

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