Friday, May 11, 2012

Doggone Nice Day

In spite of blustery winds yesterday was absolutely gorgeous!
The dogs took every opportunity to stay outside
so I decided that we've had enough flower photos for the time being.....
time for puppy portraits.

Chloe loves her bones so much.
If I have the nerve to put them in a corner or box it is just a 
matter of minutes before she pulls them out one at a time and places them back
in the places she thinks they belong.  Within her line of vision.
Funny dog.

 As often as possible she sneaks one out with her 
so she can enjoy the warm sunshine AND chew her bone.
The ultimate in happiness for this chihuahua.
Many a bone has met it's demise by the wrath of the riding mower.

This is one very happy pup.
O.k., so she's not a pup.
But let's just pretend.
In reality Chloe is seven, I think.
I'm terrible with dates.

This one made me laugh out loud when I first saw it.
Who knew her tongue was that long!
Makes me think of an

 The camera got a bit close.
See that ear go back?
She is on guard.

Bandit was in a mellow mood.
She kept posing for me.
It has been nice to see her settle out of that 
incredible activity she had as a puppy.
Not that she doesn't love to move and run....
but she is now able to sit still.
I don't think that was a physical possibility for the
first two years.

 Finally after a long time chewing that bone Chloe decided that we should take a walk.
So she led the way.

Georgia puts bird feeders in all of the trees around.
Seems people are always giving them to her as gifts and she has run out of trees.
This is our dogwood.

 The trees were waving in the wind.

 Just playing....

 I decided to limit my time under the trees as they tend to shed branches 
when the wind is blowing that hard.
For some reason the trees that we hang the hammock in are the most
likely to drop large branches.

As we approached the house once more I decided to snap the hosta. 
Huge again this year.
So early.....I know I'll be cutting it down about a month sooner than 
most years.  
Fall decor can come out early, if we so choose.

And finally....
looking off the deck.
We enjoy a very lovely view....
when we take the time.


Vee said...

Your yard looks like a park! Really pretty. I enjoyed taking this walk with you and the pups. That's a very pretty bird feeder, too.

SHEILA said...

Becky, Your dogs are adorable. They have sweet little faces and you can see in their eyes how content they are. Thanks for sharing your little outing. It was a beautiful day in PA, and another to follow today it appears.

Marydon said...

What darling pooches, Becky. I love the fuzzy one.

Your view is fabulous .... I could sit there forever & just bask in God's beauty.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day, my friend ~

~ GIVEAWAY ends 5/13 ~

Elena said...

Your dogs are so cute and remind me so much of our Mackie. I love your back yard and your hosta is amazing!! Have a blessed and happy Mother's Day weekend.

MYSAVIOR said...

You are correct - I am a dog lover and love your doggies. So sweet and happy. lol at the tongue.

I LOVE the clothespin photograph. Your property is awesome. You are truly blessed.


Theresa said...

Love seeing all of your puppy pics:) I try really hard to take the time to enjoy the views outside! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!

Susy said...

I enjoyed the doggies and the virtual walk very much (: In my town, we generally have small lots with fences dividing the properties. Our backyard is a patio and a strip of grass in front of a planter ~ so your deck view seems stunning to me. Happy Mother's Day! xo

Gayla said...

What a relaxing afternoon in your pretty yard with your pups.... How fun!