Saturday, May 19, 2012

Didn't God do Good?

I could stare for a very long time at the details and subtle color shading in this 
delphinium.  It is simply dainty.
And yet, as I stood there taking this photo 
I overheard a woman exclaiming to her companion,
"I just don't like delphinium."
To which he replied, "Why?"
Her response?
"I don't know, just never have."

And yet there she was taking in the beauty of the gardens
at Longwood, as were we.
I know there were things that make her swoon just as 
this impacted me.
Isn't God good to have made such a variety of flowers
and trees to inspire and delight us?

I'm thinking so.

They hint at the perfection of Himself
and the broad spectrum of His abilities.
Beyond anything we can understand.
That is for sure.


MYSAVIOR said...

God is the Master Creator and I am always awed.


Vee said...

No designer can ever equal what The Creator has done. This looks like the inspiration for many a prom dress. Perhaps that lady didn't get an invitation to the prom. ☺

Karen said...

It is wonderful that God gave us such variety.

Although I love delphiniums, I don't really like a couple other things-like red poppies and orange daylilies...both of which Clarence does like, of course. :-) Variety is the spice of life, right?

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo!

Marydon said...

He continues to take my breath away with His exquisite beauty He so generously shares with us.
Have a wonderful weekend ~

Malaika said...

Stunning! Truly!
Your photos are really amazing.