Monday, May 14, 2012

He's No Quitter

 Just before they come out the door in the wee morning hours
the store goes dark.
I, and whichever Mom, is with me get ready for a wound up,
sore, smelly and chatty Jonathan to come get in the car.
Unloading a semi truck and then loading a store will do that to you.
Well, that's how it has gone most early Monday mornings for the 
past year.

We have done it for the last time.

They were headed to their cars and then turned around for one more 
handshake and goodbye.

This has been an excellent team for Jonathan to work with.
They each found their strengths and then used them to make the work
go faster and more efficiently.
Jonathan was the muscle.
Others are faster at stocking by sku number.
But, they all worked very well together.

I, however, do not enjoy having a gap in my sleep pattern
that is so unnatural.  It also wasn't great for either of our moms
but they were wonderful sports about it!
Having nearly fallen asleep the couple of times I tried to 
do it alone we had come to this arrangement.
Then there was the need for more hours and night a week just is not enough for 
a young man with goals and dreams.

As we drove home this last time I congratulated
Jonathan on holding on with this job until something else 
became available.
His response?
"I'm not a quitter!  I've never quit anything!"

He's pretty right about that.
Both jobs he has had so far he has seen through to their 
conclusion.  The first one he liked less than this one.
It was seasonal but he made it to the end.

So, now he will wear a badge,
be a help to those who need him and on guard against
such things as fire and other unexpected events.
He'll direct incoming traffic to the proper locations
and, should there be an intruder, he'll be on the job.

I love that Jonathan is being trusted to be the first face
guests meet as they come to the theater.
That he gets to work with deliveries, co-workers,
parking and so much more.
They have chosen well and have already made 
him feel so welcome!

I think his new employer will be glad to know that 
this young man is no quitter.
He's in it until the job is done and he knows it is 
time to move on....
Hopefully to a full time position within the same company.
At their request and suggestion.


Theresa said...

A great, loyal and NO QUITTER employee is hard to find! I hope that they will recognize that and bring him on full-time! I know you are SO proud of your Son! Have a blessed day dear Becky, HUGS!

Vee said...

So good for Jonathan and so good for his mom and grandmothers. May he really enjoy this job because, since he's not a quitter, it seems time to have a job he can like.

Susy said...

Bravo Jonathan. Blessings to you as you move forward. Well done Mom, and sweet dreams.

ZudaGay said...

Congratulations to Jonathan! I am sure he will be appreciated at his new job. Yay! for more sleep for mom!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Jonathan on his new job! Great for you that you can sleep through the night!