Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Crazy Sore Throat

It just won't leave.
I've now been sick for more than a month.
Went to the doctor yesterday.
It is not mono.
It is not strep.

So, I guess it is just a wicked virus
that has to work it's way through.

Other than that things are pretty good.
I am surprisingly busy with candle orders 
for the time of the year.
Baby shower favors are among the 
top sellers.
I'll definitely take it!

My Aunt and Uncle are coming!
It will be awesome to spend a bit 
of time with them this weekend.
Uncle Chuck is one of my biggest supporters
here on the blog and 
in the candle business.

Next week I get to see one of my favorite blogger
friends.  I am sooooo looking forward to that.

Our Memorial Day was low key.
It ended with a delightful meal shared with 
the moms and two of the boys friends.
Hamburgers and Chicken on the grill,
seasoned potatoes, baked beans, 
salad made from Georgia's home grown lettuce,
strawberry shortcake and chocolate mousse.

Last evening our friends Tim and Deanna
stopped by with their daughter, Emily.
It was nice to have some moments to chat.
They have no air conditioning at the moment thanks
to a freak accident involving another daughter, Lindsay,
and her bow and arrow.
All I can say is that it must have been meant to be
because the way that whole thing went down would
be called a miracle if it were a good thing.

Deanna and the Girls have been so busy
learning to be business owners of their
new shop, 
Fab Fashion.
I added a link to their online shop on my 
sidebar.  I think you'll be impressed with their 
prices and the quality of their merchandise.
Lindsay continues to add new items on a regular 
basis.  It takes a lot of time and effort to be in business 
and I've enjoyed watching them learn and grow.

We've been planning for an upcoming vacation to 
New York.  Chelsea has a week long event up there
and so rather than to drive up there twice we've decided
that Warren and I will stay and visit around the 
Adirondack area.

My parents went to Bible School and were married there.
I was born in the Adirondack mountains but we 
moved away before I was old enough to remember anything.
So we are going to take this opportunity to explore
and visit the places that are my history.
How special is that?

It has been crazy trying to figure out 
lodging since we need to go during the peak season 
for those mountain areas.
After hours and hours spent on the computer I am 
thrilled with the cabin I've found for part of our stay.
It has NO running water.
So rustic.  So not me.....
except that in this case, it is, if you know what I mean.
It will be so much fun to share all of it with you when we get back.
Don't hold your breath for it, though,
 since we don't go until 

There is a new blog post 
on the website.
I got my first order from the website yesterday.
Hoping that it takes off.
That would be sweet.

Do me a favor and have a wonderful day.
We will try to do the same.


Theresa said...

I sure hope you get to feeling better! You just can't keep a good woman down:) Have a blessed day, sounds like you are staying mighty busy! HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

That chocolate mousse was so good!

Thanks for the link....We are learning a lot....much to learn yet.

You are Warren are going to have such a good time on your trip - a week together alone? All good stuff...even with no running water. It will make for awesome stories!


Elena said...

I am so sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. My hubby had something similar earlier this spring and it hung on forever too. You vacation to the mountains sounds exciting. No running water and all:)

Amy said...

Becky: Wow, you are a busy person! This is going to sound crazy but I have been astonished at how good it works. Our oldest son has mono and the sore throat with it was killer. He could not even eat because it hurt so bad. I go to a holistic doctor and I asked her about anything we could do to help him. She said to go to a healthfood store and buy Oregano Oil and Coconut oil. (Both are a little pricey) then to put on gloves like plastic dishwashing disposable gloves and put a little Coconut oil on his feet and toes then just put about 3 drops of Oregano oil on each foot and massage in. We did it and could not believe that by the next day his throat was cured. Not hurting at all. Since then I have used it two times on myself when my throat has started hurting and within 30 minutes it stops. Amazing. Oregano is known to kill viruses and bacterial infections. Anyway, when you put it on your feet put socks on and don't put more than 3 drops because it gets hot and stings. Be careful not to get it in your eyes (you wear the gloves for that reason) Well, there you have it. You probably think I am nuts but it really works. God is amazing. Blessings!

Vee said...

A nasty sore throat for days? Now THAT would make me cranky. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Enough is enough.

So glad that the candle business is in full swing. You don't suppose the sore throat is in any way connected to candlemaking? Oh perish the thought!

I have nearly decided upon my purse at Deanna's if my daughter would show up long enough to make some online purchases. I've got quite a list going of online shopping.