Thursday, May 3, 2012

Busy Day....Walking Advertisement

I'll start the day visiting the Endocrinologist.
I've been waiting for this appointment for months!
Hopefully they will be able to tell me what I can do to stop 
this thyroid from growing larger and larger.
It is really bugging me.
It clicks when I swallow and interferes with my singing
and swallowing sometimes.
I don't want surgery, though, so if that is my only 
option I'll live with it until I can't.

Then later this morning I'll be at the dentist getting a crown 
placed.  This is going to be a the dentist prepped the 
tooth a few weeks ago but didn't put a temporary crown on it.
It will be so good to have that side of my mouth functional again.

This afternoon I'll meet Pastor Mike and visit a carpet store
to see about finding a carpet that can blend in with our existing
sanctuary carpet. 
The time has come to continue the carpet to the back of the 
sanctuary as we have grown and we now need to seat people
on that area.  It will quiet the sounds of heels, kids and toys
and make it feel more completed and continuous.

I may make it to one of the salons with candles but 
I'm not too worried about that if it doesn't happen today.
There is always tomorrow afternoon before I get my 
Fundraiser Mother's Day orders.
If I do it then I can go to both salons and make an afternoon of it.
I heard from a shop in Lititz and need to get up there to see if 
I want to place candles there.
I hope it is a good fit.
I love Lititz!!

All of this done while doing my first review of a product.
a women's clothing line contacted me about doing 
a review on one of their pieces.
I am wearing it on this busy day.
That will put it to the test. *grin*
So far, it is delightful.
I'll have to get Chelsea to snap photos.
Until then, it is a secret!
I'm not telling you another thing about it.
Well, maybe that it is ..........
Not saying!! 
You'll just have to wait.

Have a great day!!


Mrs.Rabe said...

I am so curious now about what you are wearing! Hmmm - I looked their site and they have a lot of pretty clothes....

Your photos are great - I hope you have a good appointment with the endocrinologist. Kamryn goes in July.

Oh, and have fun at the dentist - I know how you love that!


Karen said...

Wow, what a day you have planned!

I hope the endo. is able to give you some answers you are happy with. I'll be praying for you.

How cool that now I can say I'm friends with a model! ;-) Looking forward to seeing what you're wearing today.

Amy said...

Hey! I am being nosey and it's not my business, but don't neglect your thyroid and wait too long to have surgery if in deed you need it. Ok?