Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Catching up

this is me
quietly sneaking out of the candle kitchen.

All flower photos in this post were taken at Longwood Garden on April 30th.

at this very moment all of the candle orders
are caught up.
the last one went into it's package sometime very early
this in 12:30-ish.

today they went to the next step in finding their way home.
my friends donna and jolene have taken them for 
they are in very good hands.

tonight i made up invitations for an open house
that georgia is going to hold for her only granddaughter.

it occurred to me the other day that i hold fundraisers for everyone
else, why not one for my own daughter who is earning money for 
two huge trips.  
you already know about the one to australia/cambodia/thailand.
but what you may not know is that an opportunity came up to do
another trip this summer.
to a place called the lamplighter guild.
she will study music and writing....and learn
more about the issue of human slavery around the world.
talk about a great preparation for what is coming next year.
we couldn't have planned it better.
so, anyway....we'll be holding that fundraiser at georgia's house
on monday, may 21st.
you are invited.
just contact me for details!!
we'll be selling candles, note cards and having a very wonderful
time of fellowship over chelsea's yummy refreshments.
she's already planning.....they will be delish!

it was also fun tonight to get out and pull serious weeds from the front flower bed.
i am not finished...... but progress is progress.
the roses have begun blooming without any attention from me.
i really meant to get out there and do a bit of nipping and cutting.
perhaps it is not too late.
and then there is the russian sage.
totally out of control.
i think i shall be heartless with it and see how it reacts.
hopefully it is still early enough that i won't do it in.

in other news, 
jonathan got a job in security.
who wouldn't think twice before pulling something with 
him looking at them?
i think he is going to be very good.
he is a gentle giant.

the very best kind.

on friday some of us will be attending a funeral...
our friend's father passed away.
 some of us will be attending the graduation
of two special young men from church.
talk about extremes in notable life events.

that's how it goes.
these things are all beautiful in their own special way.
tears will be shed at both occasions
for very different reasons.
one has just graduated to the beginning of 
the rest of his eternal life 
while the young men are graduating to a lifetime of 
serving, learning and living.


Vee said...

Exquisite photography...

Wow. Chelsea has opportunities all over the place...very cool. Yay for a new job. Hope that Jonathan likes it. He does look like a guy you wouldn't want to try to mess with.

Theresa said...

Beautiful flowers! I wish I was close enough to come to the fundraiser:) Have a blessed day and weekend!

Susy said...

You're amazing. I love your flower photos, your writing style, your heart, your point of view (:

Elena said...

Gorgeous flower pictures. How fun to have a fun raiser for Chelsea's trips. They both sound like amazing trips!