Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crazy Week!

If we took massive sickness out of the equation 
this would be a big week.
Adding it in I'm about done.
Done in.
Done for!

The cold of three weeks ago went into 
hibernation but roared back awake in the form 
of a nasty sinus infection.
I went to the doctor yesterday and was started on 
an antibiotic.
Here's hoping it works quickly.
The past two days have been painful.

Both boys began their new jobs this week.
Mikey is currently working two places while his two week 
notice works through at Agway.
His replacement begins this morning.
He'll be busy training him and then tomorrow
will head back to Sight and Sound 
to begin learning the job there.

Last evening found him out clothes shopping.
By himself.
I was supposed to go along and be helpful but 
I just felt too dreadful.
So....he found the all black clothes he needed so that 
he can move sets on stage without being so noticable.
As far as I can tell he did very well.
Sounds like he got everything he needed and 
he seemed satisfied by the experience.

While Jonathan and  Johnny were content with sword fighting Mikey had to try using a tree.  Mother's Day 2012

Jonathan has been immersed in learning his 
security job.  It is going well from the sounds of things.
On his first day he was unexpectedly
 thrown into directing all of the traffic coming into 
a show due to circumstances beyond anyone's control.
I am still trying to decide if this was the training plan or
an interesting circumstance......
Now, others were also working in other areas but he was the 
one making the first decision to which part of the lot 
each car, bus, UPS, Fed Ex, Delivery Truck, etc would be sent.
Quite a challenge on your first and second days.
But, he must have done ok 
since he was assigned to do it 
again on his second day.

Everyone has been so friendly and helpful to both
boys.  Of course, Grandma Ruth, had to show Jonathan off
when he was being introduced around.
I don't know if she's had that opportunity with Mikey.
He hasn't been there as much yet.
But, she will.....definitely.
She loves her grandchildren!!

Soon the tree was being thrown back and forth.  Those are my

I love knowing that all of our kiddos are working in such a 
wonderful environment with people who really care about 
them as the individuals they are*.
It is definitely work.
Mikey will be sore for the first couple of weeks.
Jonathan literally walks miles....
but it is so good.
He is getting tan already...from all of the time
spent out in the sun directing traffic.
So handsome in his uniform!!

I have some orders to make up today
for various people.
Then to take Jonathan to work
and back to either rest or finish orders ...
depending ....
before taking Mikey for his work physical
later.  So....that being said, I guess I'd best get 
dressed and get to work.
I'll be making the floating duckies for the first time
since I made the demos.  Yippee!
They are sooooo cute!!

Monday is a candle fundraiser for Chelsea's 
trip to the Lamplighter Guild in July.
I should make a few extras up for that.
If you are in the area and would like to come
send me a message for info.
We would LOVE to have you come.
I'll have my candles and cards available for sale
and Chelsea is baking the refreshments.
You know that girl can bake!!
Speaking of her...
she wrote an excellent blog post yesterday.
It's here if you like to read it.

*Disclaimer:  Mikey has worked in a very wonderful environment since he 
was 14....his boss has been the best!!  No complaints by any of us.
It was just time to grow up and move into a career type position.
More challenge.  
More hours.


Susy said...

Hope you're on the mend Ms. Becky ~ rest as much as possible. BTW love your new header. xo

Vee said...

Oh you get more than your share of uggies. Here's hoping that antibiotic kicks in and sets you back on your feet feeling 100 per cent.

Now this was a first for me...tree tossing? Back and forth like a ball? A javelin? Guys!

Marydon said...

I hope that this passes quickly, Becky. So sorry you are having such a bout. What handsome boys. Hope all goes well with their jobs.

I will be in the area the first week of June & have written you a couple of notes that I would like to connect with you. My friends can then see your candles, etc., also. I want them to see Strasburg for sure & ride thru the countryside. Let me know ...

Have a beautiful day ~