Monday, March 19, 2012

Praising God....

He is so good to us...
Way beyond what we deserve.

What am I praising Him for today?
Well....let's see.

A spontaneous hug from my 19 year old son last evening.
Watching God at work in his life.
That he found a church fellowship that fits him right now and
that his best friend is also a believer with a genuine and active
relationship with Christ.

A nearly 21 year old son who is actively seeking things of the Lord.
It is a delight to see him engaged in caring for others and 
discussing things of the Lord with our Pastor and ourselves.
Picking him up at 1am from work and getting an hour of chat time with him.
Watching him be a positive influence on his friend who is going 
through a hard time.

A 16 year old daughter who is growing in her walk with the Lord
by leaps and bounds.
Knowing that she missed our time together last week due to her 
new work schedule.
It is nice to be missed.

A husband who loves me and our children intensely.
So thankful that he is a leader in our home and that he has 
taken the steps to know and understand our children.

For our mothers who would do anything for us.
They show their love in so many ways.

For our church family and friends.

For a home that shelters us in a very comfortable way.

For His creation and the opportunity to take time to 
appreciate it today as we stroll some beautiful gardens.

So much to be grateful for....
What is on your list today?


Anonymous said...

As I read through your post I see your heart overflows with happiness.

stefanie said...

that is the best gifts ever!

Vee said...

I am praising God for bloggers like you who share their lives and hearts and faith.

We watched "Courageous" over the weekend. It was a gift given to John on his birthday because of a recommendation that I remembered you gave here. I was ready to toss the movie on its ear after a very short time...I thought it was an itty-bitty Christian movie trying to play with the big boys and failing. < insert red face > So glad that I hung with it because it will be a movie that will be remembered for its incredible message long after I forget what the "big boys" have done. John was particularly moved by it as well. Thank you!

Vickie said...

I can say almost exactly the same thing, Becky! God has been SO good to us, too, and when we look around at other folks in our lives and see what they are dealing with, that feeling is just reinforced! Should things get bad, we still have the assurance that God is in control of our lives and that He will see us through whatever this life can throw at us.
Thank YOU, for helping me to be thankful today!

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Becky, gratitude is the beginning of all. You have it in abundance.


Elena said...

That is a beautiful list! I am thankful for my 5 year old asking all kinds of questions about God and what it means to be a Christian, a godly and loving husband, a wonderful church home with lots of opportunity to serve, our home fellowship and wonderful friends and family that are believers! God is so good!