Monday, March 26, 2012

Cheery Daffodils

So cheery,
The daffodil.

Wish I was as bright and chipper
as I write this but it is 12:16 am
and I am waiting for the time to come to leave
the house and go get Jonathan from work.

Many parents do this thing...
but it is not on our top five things to 
love about being a parent.

I am very spoiled, though.
I always have company on the half hour
drive to Jonathan's job site.
Either Chelsea or one of the moms
comes with me.
Occasionally, if things are crazy,
the moms will just go and get him.
But most of the time it is me and one of the others
that dodges Amish buggies in the early hours
of Monday morning.


You would not believe how many buggies are out
at this time of the night.
We have counted them on occasion.
Nearly 50 one night when we took the most
populated road.
But, I have a route that allows us to avoid 
the most of them.  

It was a good day.
Church was great with time for fellowship 
in the afternoon...inspired by those rascally teenagers
who can't seem to get enough Ultimate Frisbee.
Sadly, Chelsea pulled something in her leg and 
had to stop playing early.
But, I think she still had a good day.

It is nearly time for me to go pick up Mom
so we can head out....
Wishing you a happy Monday.
And I am off!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Those daffodils are so cheery and pretty! Mine are already spent in the garden...Spring is early and going fast....


Vee said...

Those daffodils and your photography are amazing! Look at that yellow against the clear blue sky.

Yes, parents will do anything and pull some crazy hours. Are there so many buggies because they are trying to avoid traffic?

Hope that Chelsea's leg heals quick...pulling something is not fun.

Elena said...

Happy Monday to you too! Wow, I love all the daffodils. So bright and happy!

Susy said...

Just had to say it again: you're a good mom. xo

Marydon said...

Sigh! Our daffodils are gone ... yours are beautiful! Short lived here with the heat.

Hope Chelsea is doing better, Becky. how are YOU doing now?

Did you get my email ... I hope so.

So enjoy the vision of the Amish buggy's flying down the road.

Have a lovely day ~

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Karen said...

Saw Deanna's post-praying you are feeling much improved!

Love you, friend!

Vee said...

A birdie named Deanna told me that you're not feeling so great. Praying that today was a lot better and that tomorrow you'll be feeling 100%. A virtual hug and some virtual tulips and a virtual bowl of hot soup. Take care...

Theresa said...

Oh how beautiful! I just love their cheerful blooms! Enjoy your weekend dear friend, HUGS!