Monday, March 5, 2012

The Next Phase....

This is the week that 
 Jonah opens.

Sight and Sound employees have been 
looking forward to March 2012
for a very long time.
It literally takes years to build
a new show.

From the writing of the story,
to making miniature models of sets,
creating the costume designs,
hiring the actors,
actors learning the script,
building the sets in full size,
recording music, 
making video to insert into the show, 
special effects that dazzle,
choosing special products for concessions
and so much more.....
It is a long, expensive and complicated process.

Sitting on the sidelines as I do with 
three family members who work there
 I hear a lot. 
I am so impressed by the intensity
and attention to detail that is 
consistent from the beginning to the end.

We are nearing the end....of the production phase is the 
performance of a finished show.

Warren has declared this a fun, 
fast moving and very entertaining
with a very real and clear message.
He says there will be no spots in the 
show that are dragged out so that sets
can be moved or for other reasons.
This one just plain moves!

Chelsea and Mom are back to work
for another season.  
Chelsea was so excited to go back.
She has missed her friends and 
Being at home for hours on end
is just so boring to
I remember those days.
They are no more for me.
I love being at home now.
One day she will likely feel that way 
again but for now there is a whole 
world out there that is very interesting 
to her.  

In the meantime I've spent a lot
of time with my girl the past 
couple of weeks
knowing that soon she will be 
working five days a week and 
then in just a little over a year she will
be headed to Australia,
if the Lord wills it.

So, I have been doing my best
to treasure our time together.
We've gotten coffee, 
shocking I know!,
and played several rounds of 
She's beaten me more times 
than I care to share.

The other evening while we played 
the animals decided to get in 
on the fun.
They couldn't figure out why 
we shrieked every time they 
tried to cross the floor to 
get on our laps.

We had to keep putting the 
board back together....
Silly animals.


Theresa said...

I can't wait to hear all about the show, I know it will be wonderful! I LOVE Scrabble:) Enjoy your day my friend, HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

The girls were excited too!


Vee said...

I can feel the excitement building. Blessings, many blessings on the message of the show. May all the hard work be rewarded with glory to God.

Were you two playing on the floor? And you wondered why the animals were involved? ☺

Vickie said...

That sounds like an exciting show! Hope all goes well!

Don't you just have to wonder what those little furry heads are thinking at some of the silly stuff that we humans do? They walk across the game just to get your attention, you know that doncha? So cute!

You spend all the time with your girl that you can - it'll be some sweet times remembered when she's off on her trip!

Kathryn Ross said...

How awesome to actually WORK at Sight & Sound! I put a link to a recent news story about the huge GPS controlled boat in the show on facebook - hoping our church plans another group trip like we did with Joseph! We have an active drama and theatrical choir ministry at our church (three shows a year) and we come away so very inspired. Break-a-leg Jonah & Co.!