Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Longwood Gardens Showed Off for Us....

After checking out the weather forecast on Sunday evening we decided that 
cloudy conditions and 70 degrees would make for a good day at Longwood Gardens.
So, when we left our home in foggy conditions we had no expectation that by the 
time we pulled into the parking lot in Kennett Square the sky would be 
brilliant blue and the sun would warm our backs.

But, as you can see, that is exactly what happened.
It could not have been a better day.
What a treat.

I have so many photos that they will just have to come out in batches.
Mom, Chelsea, Jonathan and I had a delightful visit.

Chelsea and Jonathan love that Grandma Ruth is always ready to play along with their silliness.
We have a bit of a mini tradition of taking goofy photos on the benches that are found
all over this lovely garden.

Mom and Chelsea check out a miniature room.
It is adorable.

And now back to the vegetation....
Pink perfection!

Orchids are the featured plant right now.  
Look at the floating orchid jars...love those!
Chelsea said something about how they even make the dirt pretty
at Longwood....smile.

I totally love the mini brickwalk in the conservatory but there is another 
spot that we have to visit each and every time.
It is found within a bamboo "forest".
I spotted Jonathan taking advantage of the quiet beauty.
Well, it was quiet until I got there.
Then I started "speaking" to people who were too far away to 
hear me...begging them to move out of my photo space.
I mean, really, did the man have to stand in the doorway?
Just look...at the before and after in the following photos.
Anyway, I had to be quiet because I was interfering 
with Jonathan's relaxation. 

Ahhh...I need to stop writing this post and get to work.  I have a very ambitious agenda
ahead today.  It involves filling candle orders, taking them to their happy new owners.....
taking Oliver to the vet to see how much damage was done by something that bit him.
He has two very nasty looking puncture wounds.  
We'll get his vaccinations updated too.

I need to clean, do laundry and do some cooking.
This keeps getting back burnered to the people and candle business
but the time has come that they really can't be put off any more.
So....I have a couple of projects to get started on today.

I hope your day is good.
Thanks for stopping by.
Don't miss Chelsea's testimony.  The link to get there is in 
the post prior to this one.
So amazing how God has grabbed her heart and 
changed everything.
Just everything.


Vee said...

I loved Chelsea's testimony. It is my policy not to comment in teen daughter's blogs lest they cringe at having comments from mommy's friends, but I couldn't help myself. What a wonderful work the Lord has been doing for His glory.

Even the dirt is pretty? I hope to visit that place some wonderful day.

Love the shot of Jonathan with his wave of the hand, like "buzz off, Mom." =D

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Sweetie...
What a beautiful tour this morning. I loved each little nook and cranny of these beautiful gardens.

I loved the silly shots most of all. The kids are so cute and I love it that Grandma likes playing along as well. What a fun time you all had.

The fragrance of the flowers, and the beauty of each petal has taken me to a very beautiful and serene place this morning.

Have a glorious day sweetie. I am off to read Chelsea's testimony. Many hugs and so much love, Sherry

ZudaGay said...


Mrs.Rabe said...

I must go soon!

Such lovely photos friend!

Chelsea's testimony is beautiful!


Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHHH look at the pink! Did you whistle with the orchids?

Becky K. said...

I really do think of that every time I walk into the orchid room. That was so much fun!

Anonymous said...

The flower pictures are gorgeous. I so want to make a return trip to Longwood Gardens!