Wednesday, March 7, 2012

More Photos and Unexpected Events

Yesterday's post featured photos from Winterthur
on April 29th, 2010.
These are photos from Longwood Gardens on 
that same day.
We could not have asked for a better day
to visit these gardens.

It is so fun to relive these moments.
I think that is what makes photography so special.
We are so busy in our daily lives that once we have done something
special like this the memories begin to fade.
But perusing through photo files brings it back
and allows us to experience it again...
in a way.
I'd still rather go back and rewalk those pathways
but looking at them is pretty good too.

The title of this post speaks of unexpected events.
In this case it involves Warren and his continuing race to 
get all of the set pieces to work properly before Thursday's
Employee Premiere.
He left here yesterday morning at 6am and has not been 
home since.  He and a coworker are on their second straight day 
of working with just catnaps to sustain them.

The unexpected part is that I posted a prayer request on our church Facebook 
page for him.....and received a suggestion from Mrs. Rabe that we take him
a care package.  She was persistent to my concerns and so before I knew it 
I was packing a bag of fresh clothes, etc to take to Warren and we were off 
to find donuts and Slushies for Warren and Drew.

I got Chelsea out of bed to come along.
Mr.and Mrs. Rabe, Lindsay, Emily, Chelsea and I 
all showed up.

Warren was happy, blessed and 
very busy.

Since Chelsea, Emma and Lindsay 
are all Sight and Sound Employees as well
they are all comfortable there and enjoy 
seeing the process of a show coming together.

We watched he and Drew work for a bit
and then finally pried Mr. Rabe away.

It was well past Midnight and we all 
had things to get done this morning.
Mr. Rabe had to be at work bright and early
while Mrs. Rabe and the girls are on their way 
to the Big City, as she calls it, to gather more 
items for their store.

I will meet with a Fundraiser Coordinator from 
last year's Fundraisers to accomplish several things...
not the least being picking up Girl Scout Cookies
that I ordered. 
That, my friends, is worth getting up for.

You can read Mrs. Rabe's post about last evening

We have some pretty awesome friends.
We are blessed.


Theresa said...

WOW, so much work... I bet they were tickled to see you all coming with goodies! Can't wait to hear all about the show:) Have a blessed day, HUGS!

Vickie said...

Becky, I know those fellows were tickled to see ya'll coming with all the goodies and fresh clothes! What a great gesture!

And these flowers? Well, they are absolutely breathtaking. I thin peonies are my favorite flowers. I've tried them down here in Texas, but it may just be too hot. I'm not sure. Thanks for putting such beautiful photos up of them and all the other flowers!

Mrs.Rabe said...

It was so fun!

Tim took today off for Emma's birthday - so thankful that he got to sleep in a bit today!

These photos make me long for Longwood Gardens! I must go soon - we let our membership lapse but I want to renew it! Such a beautiful place all year round.

See you later!


Vee said...

I did read about it at Creekside Cottage and thought how wonderful it was. Sometimes all we need is to ask ourselves the question how can we deliver a blessing.

Oh those flowers from the garden. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

All the best with your candle sale. I burned one of your candles all morning in the kitchen thereby escaping any desire to bake...cinnamon bun! Hmmmm...