Friday, March 16, 2012

My Girl....

Chelsea is back to work.
Since the opening of Jonah she has worked
many, many hours.
This means that my sidekick has been too 
busy to hang out and go places with me.

Taken last Summer ....this is one of her fav activities.

When she mentioned that she doesn't 
have to be to work until mid afternoon today
we quickly decided that this morning will be 
our opportunity to go somewhere together.

While a few places were mentioned last night before
bed she kept changing her mind so I told her
to wait until this morning and then let me know.
It doesn't matter much to me whether we go to a 
tea house, a book store or a coffee shop.
Just hanging out and catching up from 
a busy week is what really matters.

I didn't know when I got a daughter that she 
would also be a friend.
Well, I guess that shouldn't have been true.
My Mom and I are very close.
We have shared a ton of laughs and good times.
We chat on the phone most days 
even though we do live two doors away 
from each other.
Most weeks we see each other multiple times.
I should have known.

in any case
I am so very thankful for 
the delightful
times I get to spend with 
my girl.

She is a girl after my own heart.
Other than her coffee addiction.
She got that from her Dad.

I did enjoy two lovely cups of peach 
tea at a jewelry party yesterday.
Does that count?


Vickie said...

Oh those times are so precious that you get to spend with your girl, Becky! I KNOW! I got to spend some time with my girl this week! She's 23 now, and a grown young woman and she, too, is my dear friend! I love being her mom, and I love being her friend! A double blessing from God for you and I, to be sure!

ZudaGay said...

Daughters are a blessing!! I have two, each are so very different but we love to spend time together!! :)

Vee said...

Please share what you did together. I love hearing about these mother-daughter outings. I know that you'll have great fun!

How is Jonah doing? Busy?