Saturday, March 3, 2012

More From the Ferry Ride.....and Chatter

In real life it is gray and rainy.
With help of these photos and 
my memory I can be transported
back to our wonderful ride on the 
Ferry to Surry, Virginia.
Uploading photos continues
to be a problem for me.
I'm not sure if it is my 
computer or Blogger 
but whichever it is 
it has taken me two tries
just to get these 

Of course I, like so many, 
am shaken at the astonishing
amount of damage
brought by the devastating tornadoes
over the past couple of days.

I wonder how we can help.
I'm sure there is something we can do.
Last time we sent food
by way of
I'll have to keep my eyes open.

This morning, 
early...can't say bright and early
due to the clouds and rain, 
found Jonathan and I on our
way to Joe and Carol's house
to dig out some ornamental grasses.
They are the sweet couple that
I have spoken of here before.
Transplants from New Jersey
and New York who are more a part
of the Lancaster County Community
than some of the natives.
Joe transports Amish and they are
both tour guides.

The rain came down as Jonathan
and our friend Jeremiah dug
the large clumps out.

I now have one of these clumps
for our front yard.
I have a small patch out there that
I wanted to make into a flower garden...
but nothing really grows there.
So...I give!
This should fill in and do the trick.

I feel a bit as if life is on hold
until after my thyroid biopsy
on March 15th.
So many things I want to do 
and opportunities await but I feel
that I need more information before
going forward.

Not that I'm just sitting around brooding, for sure.
I'm just about finished with a huge fundraiser
order that will benefit a man with cancer.
I have a whole bunch of Etsy orders to fill.
Tomorrow is a fellowship meal so I need to make
food for that.
I've been chatting with business owners here in our
little town about a location to move my 
candle production into.

Warren is in a very busy and stressful 
time for the next few days as they put 
the final touches on Jonah.
The employee premiere is Thursday evening.
A formal invitation only premiere on 
Friday evening and then 
the paying audience comes on 

Warren is very excited about this show.
He feels that it is going to 
do very well.
I cannot wait to see it!
We've heard so much about it in 
process.  The big boat from which Jonah
departs for his unusual journey in the belly
of a fish has been a challenge because of its
immense size and weight but it will be worth it.

No, it doesn't look anything like this
Ferry.  But it is very impressive

Thanks for bearing with me as
I have been slow in posting.
Time is scarce but I love visiting with 
you as often as possible.

Hoping your day is bright
and sweet...


Vee said...

Oh I love the size of these photos, Becky. You take such wonderful pictures and this gives them the chance to be seen and truly appreciated.

I didn't know about all the horrific events of yesterday until just the past few minutes. What devastation and so early in the season. It is almost paralyzing to read about. Here it's freezing rain; there it's total loss. Prayer seems such a little thing, yet it is everything. So we pray and wait for the Lord's direction. I hope that you will share what you learn about helping.

Keeping you tucked into my prayers as always. Worry never helps a thing, though it is so tempting to do it and think I'm doing something as a result.

All the best wishes for the success of the new show!

Theresa said...

Beautiful pictures:) I will be praying for you and that biopsy, no time for such, right? BIG hugs and many prayers!

Elena said...

I love your new blob design. Very pretty. The pictures are beautiful too!