Monday, March 12, 2012

23 Years...and Landis Valley Museum

Happy 23rd Anniversary
My Dear Warren.

They have been interesting and mostly
happy years.
Life has a way of keeping one on their toes
and we've done our share of tap dancing ~
when our first baby was born with 
a life threatening birth defect,
sales of many homes, 
job changes,
illnesses and the loss of our fathers.
Still, There is no one else with whom
I would rather share this journey. 
You are so good to me!!

Since our anniversary fell on a Sunday 
we spent it in the company of our
Church family.  
We decided last minute to take 
advantage of Charter Day....
the one day of the year that our State Museums
 are open without
charge for the general public.

The weather was perfect and it was 
so thrilling to walk on this preserved
and restored farm 
as we learned about times past in this county
we enjoy living in....Lancaster County.

Honestly, I wasn't so much into looking at 
every little thing as much as watching people, 
seeing the animals and just sitting here and there.

We enjoyed a ride in a wagon pulled by horses.
The air was just crisp but certainly not cold
 as it rushed past our faces.

Everything looked good enough to eat...
but it was just for show.
The bright and cheerful flowers made for a 
very pretty table.

I pictured a warm cherry pie 
sitting on the window sill to cool.
But alas it was just pretty herbs and such.

Our young friends explored the gardens.

 Chelsea and Emma pretended to argue over which 
way to go which was made more amusing 
when we realized that Emma's Dad, Tim, 
was pointing in yet a 
different direction.

 Taken as we rode on the wagon....
I thought this young man was quite cute.

Everyone enjoyed the day...
Young and old.

 I thought it was really cute that little Asher wanted his 
photo taken as much as his big sister did.
He even has a smile reserved for occasions such as this.
What a charmer!

I remain thankful for my church family.
We may not be perfect.
We might even have rough edges.
But we have the love of Christ
 and we are striving to serve Him
each and every day.


Vee said...

Happy Anniversary!

(I was so excited yesterday to see an advertisement in the paper about Jonah. Yes, your Jonah! A trip is planned in April. Wish that I were going to be on it!)

Love the dress you're wearing, Becky! You look so cute in it.

I also am really enjoying the larger format for your photos. They look fantastic!

Carol said...

Happy Anniversary! I love the picture of you & Warren!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Great photos! How are you getting them so large on the blog?

It was a lovely day...


Theresa said...

Happy Anniversary to you! It looks like it was a wonderful day:) I know that you will live Happily EVER AFTER! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

ZudaGay said...

Happy Anniversary to you!!! What a lovely way to celebrate. Beautiful photos...I loved them all.

Elena said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved all the pictures. It looked like you had a perfect day:)

Nezzy said...

Dang, I'm a little late for this party but I hope ya'll had a very happy number 23!!! You two are just darlin' together.

What a great day ya must of had. There's nothin' quite like church family.

God bless ya and have a sunshiny kinda day sweetie!!!

Vee said...

Thanks so much, Becky. It worked so well.

JD said...

Happy Anniversary. Great Photo of the two of you. thanks for sharing all the great pictures.