Saturday, December 24, 2011

Unforeseen Complication to Gingerbread Man Tree Decor

So sometimes simple isn't as simple
as one would imagine.


Chelsea has made gingerbread men
for a couple of years now.
They are designed to 
represent friends
and family.

Apparently these resemble
doggy treats to a couple of 
furry members of our family.
We are now in the process of 
teaching Chloe and Bandit
that what looks like 
treats for them

Then there was the question
of how to hang them.
Chelsea chose to just lay 
some on the tree
bypassing the poking of holes
in the head.
However, there are only 
so many places on the tree where
they can be laid and be visible
which left many unused.

Being the practical type 
I decided that the only thing
to do was get out the ice pick and 
poke holes in the forehead
of each and every remaining
boy and girl.

 Unfortunately there was collateral damage to this 
little girl's eye while poking her head.  
You can tell she is in shock.

 Meet Johnny.
At least Chelsea's take on him.
I don't see the resemblance at all.....

Chelsea happened into the 
kitchen just as I drilled
into the head of our friend

I totally 
felt wrong.
Especially since they have names.

I'm not sure who I ate
after I broke them while 
drilling their head...
I'm sorry.

But those who remain 
are cute as a button on our 
blue and white Christmas tree.

I wait to see if there is a tree
and or cookies remaining
when we return from getting 
flour for more cookie baking.

Have a Merry Christmas!
Hope you aren't complicating things
quite as much as we have here.


LittleElf said...

lol That's so funny, I love the stars Johnny has for eyes as you put a hole in his little head. So funny. Very cute tree. ^_^ Are you cookies soft and chewy or are they hard for decorating?


Lizzi said...

I got a giggle out of this! A few of them did appear to be in shock, shame on you Becky! lol

Merry Christmas!

Becky K. said...

Surprisingly, the cookies are soft. They have been sitting out for a few days and I expected them to dry out and get more brittle. But no! And they taste very good too. lol

Vickie said...

Oh goodness! This was a hoot!

Hey, are they soft enough to gouge a hole with a straw or a fountain pen? That way you're not displacing cookie and making the heads crack off! Still looks pretty, tho!


Carol said...

This post put a smile on my face! I think you did a great job punching holes! : )

Merry Christmas!

RobinfromCA said...

I am so sorry to laugh so hard at your post. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but you have made the rest of us feel good about whatever is going wrong in our own "wouldn't it be great this year if" mishaps!
Merry Christmas!

ZudaGay said...

Thanks for the giggles, Becky! Great job making the gingerbread people, Chelsea, they are adorable!

Julia Badgley said...

Haha- I'm glad they didn't just shatter with your abuse towards them!
Merry Christmas!

GingerPeachT said...

That's just too funny. I like them, they all look cute and tasteful. Haha

Vee said...

You nut! The tree looks completely charming from afar. (Up close may be another story.)

The candles arrived. My home smells heavenly! The Lord knew I was going to need cinnamon bun candles!!

Gayla said...

These look so cute, whether or not they make it to the tree! Have yourselves a merry little Christmas. May the love and peace of the season bless you all.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Your tree looks beautiful!


Karen said...

Those are just darling and the tree looks great. I'm sorry it didn't turn out to be "simple".

Your post had me laughing so long and loudly that the rest of the family had to come see what was so funny.

Your story comes on the heels of hearing the story from one of our neighbors. Clarence and Julianne went to deliver her candles the other day. She invited them in and was going to offer them some fresh baked choc. chip cookies-only to discover the dog had taken the opportunity while she answered the door to chow them down in the kitchen. He ate a dozen!

She quickly shut him in his crate because she said this had happened several years ago, when she had a different dog and brand new white carpet. She remembers the result of that escapade and this dog will be staying in crate "jail" for a while, because she doesn't want a repeat of *that* experience. LOL

Hope you all have had a wonderful Christmas!

Theresa said...

Oh how funny! I love all of the cookies:) Sometimes you just have to drill a hole between the eyes of people you know... only the cookies though:) Have a blessed Christmas evening dear Becky, HUGS!

sammysgrammy said...

Chelsea is a wonderful baker. The tree looks adorable. It's a good lesson for next year: put the tree up very high (out of puppy reach) and make holes in just out of the oven ginger heads........

Elena said...

I love the gingerbread men. Chelsea did such a great job. I know it we would of put gingerbread on our tree, Mackie would of helped himself too:)