Friday, December 23, 2011

Decorating for Christmas....

You say this looks more like
Autumn than Christmas?

I have a great excuse.
At this late date we are not getting
all of the Christmas boxes down.
I am using what I have on hand
and just rearranging
then adding some 

We did go and get a small tree today
so that Chelsea can decorate it tomorrow.
She has made and decorated gingerbread men 
for ornament...
I'll pick up some simple white lights 
this evening.
We'll find a few other
ornaments here and there.

is the key 
this year.

I hope your Christmas preparations
are going well. Whether you do it
up like crazy...or don't stress yourself
like me this year doesn't matter.
What does is that 
we remember the reason
we celebrate.

come to us.
Changing our eternal 
destiny in the 


Vee said...

I see a lot of rich reds and golds...that looks like Christmas to me! So glad that you are taking some time to relax and that you don't need to get down all the boxes. I didn't do that this year either (and I don't have nearly the excuse that you do).

sammysgrammy said...

I like it. Looking forward to seeing Chelsea's masterpiece tomorrow with all her gingerbread people on it. It'll smell like Chritmas,

Mrs.Rabe said...

I saw Chelsea's gingerbread men - they are very cute!

I'm glad you have a bit of tree and lights...


myeuropeantouch said...

Ahhh Geee...It looks fab and I want, I really want thaT LAMP right
Beautimus, Becky...♥

Buttercup said...

Becky, I think everything looks lovely. Wishes for a bright and blessed Christmas!

Vickie said...

I went more simple this year out of necessity, too. We did a tree and a couple of other things, but as I used to go all out, this was simple for me. I envy your after Christmas clean-up! And it still looks beautiful - it's amazing what candles can do! They add all the ambience you need. And Chelsea still gets her tree AND a chance to bake! Be sure and let us see her gingerbread tree! Merry Christmas, Becky!

Theresa said...

Jesus shines brightly at your house:) No need for a lot decorations! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

I am with you.....going more simple this year. And simple can be so lovely. My fave is my dining table centerpiece, a big red plate, with fresh greens from my woods and 3 candles. Simple = less stress! :) I was thinking of you the other day I saw kids from our church homeschool co-op were selling your candles for a fundraiser! :)
Merry Christmas!!

RobinfromCA said...

We are more simple this year too. I love your candles!