Friday, December 30, 2011

Company is Coming

And I am setting a colorful table.

With gifts received from far away

The table runner is from

while the napkin holder 
is obviously from Peru.

This is one of the sweet joys
of having Moms who love
to travel.

I found the black table cloth
on deep discount after
Christmas and thought it would
make a very nice backdrop
to all of the bright colors.

 This evening we will host 
my brother, Allan, his wife Bev
and her sister Betsy.

We love having them here.

I am making 
chicken enchiladas.

Served with fresh pineapple
and sweet corn.

Here's to the beginning of a very
fun weekend.

Happy New Year!!
Here's to a colorful 2012!!!


Vee said...

It does make a pretty table. Enjoy your guests! Though they sound more like family. ☺ Chicken enchiladas...real that sounds wonderful. (I'm so full of pretzels and gingerbread cake it's not funny.)

Mrs.Rabe said...

You can make me chicken enchiladas anytime!

Did they like the show?

When do you do stockings? We are trying to figure something out for Lindsay's birthday on Sunday....


Karen said...

Your table looks beautiful. I love the colors! And your menu sounds yummy.

I'm sure you had a lovely time with Allan and Bev. Wish I'd seen this yesterday to have you tell them "hi" for us.

Melissa G. said...

The colors are so pretty! How fun to have things from around the world!
The dinner sounded so yummy!

PS. The candles arrived in perfect shape! thanks! I think the Cranberry one is my favorite!

Elena said...

Your table looks beautiful and menu sound delicious!

Kelly said...

Very pretty! I love the bright colors!