Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Morning!

It seems like forever since I just 
opened this window and started typing
with no particular topic in mind.
All I know is that I have missed just
chatting away at you.

I was thinking last evening as 
I headed to bed that our house is coming
back into focus.
Kind of like life has been so busy
that everything outside the scope of 
candles has been a blur in my peripheral vision
and now the world is slowing back down to the 
point that I can see around me again.

Ahhh....that feels so good.
As the days go by the house is transformed
back into a home.
This week the table came back to the center of
the dining room and we even ate dinner 
at it!
That was wonderful!!

Oh, and my kitchen is being used for cooking
once again.  Real cooking, not throw something in 
the microwave or oven but the kind where 
you slice and dice, 
mix and taste.

I've missed it.

Shopping was a new adventure this 
week because I bought....
ready for this?

You may think this sounds like
backhanded complaining about the 
busy months but that is not it.
Not at all!

I totally love candle season.
My family does not.
But I also LOVE coming out 
of it and the changes that come 
with all of that.

You see, 
when I was a teenager I would 
paint my bedroom very often.
It was the thrill of the change.

I often wait until my hair is way, way
past time for a cut and then 
go with a very short cut or new hair color....
I love the thrill of the change.

Having a remodeling project
that starts with something perfectly horrid
is the height of fun for me because 
I love the thrill of the change.

Does this make sense?
While the craziness and the mess makes
the rest of the family twitch 
it is what makes
me tick.....
Not that I love the mess.
I love coming out of the mess.

I love the contrasts of life.

Now, I still intend to make changes for 
this coming year.
I'm still on the hunt for another location
to work from....
since my family doesn't get their thrills
the same way I do.
But, hopefully this helps those of you 
who wonder how I can stand it.

I'm totally strange.
And I like it that way.

In my head I know that it is for a 
season and then the changes are
real and stunning.

How about you?
Are you a fan of change or 
do you like things to be the same
and predictable?


Theresa said...

I TRY to be a fan of change but I am NOT:) I keep my furniture the same and seldom change my hair color or style! I wish I could be a little different... who knows, maybe in the new year:) Hope you enjoy this day to the fullest! HUGS!

Vee said...

Predictable all the way, Baby. Which is why I am a big fan of finding you here in the morning. =)

You are a good girl to realize that your family appreciates something quite different from what you enjoy. I think everything will flow better once you have a work space to call your own. Do you stock ahead or is that too much of an unknown?

Anyway, lovely to find you here, Miss Strange Who Likes It That Way!

Elena said...

I don't mind routine but I like to change things up every now and then to make things interesting:)

Nezzy said...

Hubs would say I was very predictable but I kinda like a shake up ever now and again. Let's me know I'm alive! Heeehehe!

God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a fantastic New Year!!! :o)

ZudaGay said...

I like change in some things...I LOVE the seasons to change!! I would hate to live someplace that stays the same all the time. But I don't change my hair...mainly because I am lazy. I suppose if I had the money and my Danny would put up with it, I would probably paint the walls and change the furniture around a lot more often. :) It is good to take your changes where they don't bother others, I guess. :)

She'sSewPretty said...

I used to be a fan of change. Changing the furniture around. Changing my hair cut and color. Now I think I am just to lazy to change. Or getting old?
Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Kelly said...

I would be the exact opposite of you because I am NOT a fan of change. Much to my husband's chagrin, I prefer the furniture to remain where it is at all times -- no rearranging. I do, however, love the idea of painting these walls sometime.