Friday, December 16, 2011

All I Need are The Reindeer!

Oh!  And maybe a white wig,
a red dress and 
a few other distinguishing
items to be completely 
like Mrs. Claus.

I'm pretty sure that a good 
man like Mr. Claus
has an even better woman
helping him....
don'tcha think?

And so,
I feel a bit like her today
as I will continue the deliveries of
bags and bags of candles that have been 
gathering in our dining room.

The dining room which no longer 
has a table in the center.  
It has been pushed to the far end in 
favor of floor space.

By Tuesday evening every 
large group will have their orders
and then they will be scurrying to 
get things out before the magical 
Christmas hour.

There is joy in the knowledge that
many people will receive my candles
on Christmas day.

Gifts...a symbol of
one amazing gift come 
to earth on Christmas Day.

Here's hoping they will 
enjoy them!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

"Mrs. Claus"
over and out!


Mrs.Rabe said...

Mrs. Claus? Well, in few years when Warren has gone just might be able to pull if off!

Vee said...

Oh I do hope that you get your table back and your dining room and your life! =) It's a job well done, Becky. Well done!!

jAne said...

what a blessing you are to
so many folks. your skill in
fashioning beautiful candles
with subtle aroma is a gift
indeed. :o)


Vickie said...

Oh how fun being Mrs. Claus and getting all those candle gifts out! I'll bet it does feel good that so many will be enjoying your candles this season! Mine have been going since before Thanksgiving when I'm home.

Been so busy around here, then I was having blogger problems, so I'm just now getting back to everybody. I hope your holiday season is going great, Becky, and that all are safe and well and happy! I'm off to do some more reading! Take care ~~~~

LV said...

You are so very good at your inspiring writings.

Elena said...

That is so awesome that your candle business is doing so great! I'm sure you will have a sigh of relief after all the orders are out and you can relax for Christmas:)

Theresa said...

Yep... Mrs. Clause for sure:) Sounds like you have really been a busy lady! I just ran across one of your candles I had left from last year, can't wait to burn that baby!

Enjoy your accomplishments my friend, HUGS!