Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Homeschool Community Mourns Today

Last week saw the terror of two 
horrific traffic accidents 
involving students 
in our local area.

One day it was five
from a nearby school district.
The next day it was three siblings from 
our own homeschool community.

Today the friends and family 
of sixteen year old twin boys
and a nine year old sister 
will celebrate, remember and honor
their short lives.

I did not know the young
people personally
although I know of them
just because of our 
homeschool connections.

However, young people 
that I do know well
have been called upon to sing and
accompany the music for this special 

Please keep them and all who 
are hurting so deeply
in prayer today 
and in the days to come.

I was amazed and pleased to 
see the parents speak with our 
local television reporter.
They spoke of their grief...
so real.
But they also spoke of their
Our Lord and Savior....
the One who they say gives
them the strength to get out 
of bed each day.

Hard, hard days lie ahead.

My heart is heavy for them
this morning as they say

May many be reached with the 
Gospel today and in the days to 
come as we grapple with 
the fact of eternity.


Anonymous said...

Eight children dead in a short period of tragic.

Marydon said...

May God hold these family up & greet the souls as they enter His kingdom.

How heartbreaking ... tears fill my eyes.

Merry Christmas

PS So sorry I missed your call, Becky. I am glad it helped.

Carol said...

So heartbreaking. As a parent I can't imagine the grief. Praying for them to feel God's comfort and love.


Vee said...

Such a horrific nightmare at any time. At Christmas time...oh, words simply fail. May the Lord be praised. May thoughts and hearts be turned toward Him even in the middle of such sorrows. Seems as if I saying this quote all over Blogdom. "For this, we have Jesus." Thinking of all those whose hearts will be heavy and praying for those who will serve by singing and honoring those lost to them until Glory.

Theresa said...

Oh Becky, this just breaks my heart! I am so sorry for these families and the hurt that they are feeling! I pray SO hard for my little young Granddaughter driving... I worry about all of them!

I pray that God will comfort these families and friends and that lives will be saved because of them! HUGS and TEARS!

Doris said...

My heart is heavy for them too. We know the parents of the 3 siblings. Went to the same church before they started their family. We also know the Grandparents. Praying continualy!

Bella Vista said...

Becky, I am so sorry to hear this and will surely keep this in prayer.

It was really good to hear from you again.


Mrs.Rabe said...

I am hurting for these hard, but thankful for the Hope we have in Christ!


Elena said...

I am so sorry to hear that. My hear aches for them. I am so thankful they know the Lord and have hope of seeing them again.

jAne said...

my heart aches.

Vickie said...

Oh, Becky - just saw this tragedy! I'm so sorry to hear about the horror of losing these precious ones. My prayers are with these families...