Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Secret Sister Gifts - CAST Team Etsy

I used to drive my family crazy
talking about my blog friends
that none of them knew.

They got used to that 
and have even had opportunity to 
meet some of you in real life.
So, that is now the norm at our home.

In March I opened a shop on 
Etsy, an online marketplace for things
that are handcrafted.
One of the first things I did upon 
opening this shop was to join a team
of individuals who hold to similar beliefs that 
I hold dear.
That of loving the Lord and trusting
in Jesus for our salvation.
We leave the controversial stuff alone
and agree on the important stuff.

I have met many, many amazing 
artists here and am blessed to 
have acquired another circle of 
As "Friendship Ambassador to the World"
nothing could please me more, really.

Well before Christmas rolled around many of
us decided we'd like to do a gift exchange.
So, the secret sister plan was activated.

When my gifts came in the mail 
I ripped into them that very day.
I know a lot of the participants waited
patiently for Christmas.
It never occurred to me to wait.
I was so curious to see who my secret sister was
and what she had sent.

These are the treasures that
Zuda Gay sent.

An ornament embellished with a clay polymer
which when inserted over a white light
on the tree looks truly stunning.

Don't you love it?

Zuda Gay also sent a couple
dish or face cloths.  
They are soooo soft.

I'd been perusing sites thinking
of getting myself some.
These are just perfect.

And finally, 
but definitely not least....
What I am considering a bookmark.

I'm not sure if this is its intended purpose
but I have decided that it would go well in 
a Bible because it has multiple strands and 
I can keep up with Pastor Mike better if 
I can keep several passages marked.

Jonathan looked at the craftmanship 
on this clay flower and was totally impressed.
He has done clay sculpting and said that 
what Zuda Gay does with the flowers is
truly amazing.
I would agree.....

Thanks, Zuda Gay.
 I am so grateful.

To see more of Zuda's lovely 
work just visit her Etsy shop
You'll be so glad you did.


Julia Badgley said...

What a very special gift!

Mrs.Rabe said...

That ornament and the clay flower are so amazing!

What did you send your secret sister?


Becky K. said...

I sent my secret sister a blue scarf, a sock snowman that was adorable and a balsam candle in a heavy glass star bowl.

myeuropeantouch said...

Becky, how richly we all are blessed with our sisters...♥
I love that Christmas Ball...

Vee said...

Oh her work does look amazing and, even if that's not what her original plan was with the multiple strands on the polymer flower, it sounds as if many gals could make great use of it just the way you suggest. Love the ornament, too, so airy and light and lovely.

Karen said...

That ornament and the flower are *so* unique-and very pretty, too! I can't imagine how she makes polymer clay into such creations. Amazing!

I love knitted and crocheted dishcloths, too. Those were always my most likely purchases at craft shows, back before Clarence started making them for me. I was always happy if I actually found someone selling them since it wasn't something I could even attempt on my own.

Tricia said...

Absolutely beautiful!!

bananaorangeapple said...

I really like the Christmas tree decoration. How clever.

Theresa said...

Beautiful gifts from your Friend! I love the detail on the ornament:) That flower is amazing! I will go check out her shop! Have a blessed evening my friend, HUGS!

ShadowCutter said...

Ooh lots of prettyness there :-)

Ivy and Elephants said...

Those ornaments are simply gorgeous!
Happy New Year!