Monday, December 5, 2011

Driving Home on Saturday.....

Maybe it was the exhaustion...
or perhaps I was just feeling 
giddy because I was in the 
same place as beautiful
my camera
with working batteries
all at the same time.
Believe me, 
it is rare lately.

I might have gone a little bit 
crazy with snapping photos
while driving.

Driving on a curvy back
a curvy back road with 
a buggy on it.

A curvy back road with 
a Model A coming behind me
which made me try to take a 
photo of it in the rearview mirror
while driving.

That didn't work out so well.

Tried the side view mirror....

Ooooh, can you see the black dot?
That is the Antique

I might have put my arm out the 
window with the camera 
treacherously gripped in my 
clumsy fingers to snap

these not so special 
photos of the horizon sky.


I had a great time.
Didn't hit anything.
Not even close!
And you get to suffer through 
this silly post....
just to see these.

A few photos that actually
came out o.k.

And now
I am off to our Ladies Tea
at church.
It will be lovely to spend an
evening with friends and working
on a project near and dear to 
our hearts.
Those care packages for 
families at CHOP over this 
Christmas Season.



Vee said...

Risking life and limb for blogging... oh dear! What beautiful country you live in...those rolling hills of Pennsylvania. Have fun at the Ladies Tea.

Persuaded said...

Becky, my dear, I actually woke up this morning thinking how much fun it would be to come down and visit you! And this post just reinforces that thought... partly because of the lovely views, but mostly because of the goofy-ness, hehehe;-)

next time you see Deanna, give her a ((hug)) from me, ok?

tea time and roses said...

I love this Becky! Girl you've got skills! :) The countryside is so beautiful!

Enjoy your evening with friends. Happy week to you.



Theresa said...

OH how I enjoyed the drive with you thru pictures... even the crooked ones:) I love the countryside with the silos, LOVE silos!

Enjoy your day dear Becky, HUGS!

ZudaGay said...

Thank you for the giggles and the pictures...all of them. :) I would love to see your country side someday.

Vickie said...

What photo skills you have Becky! Why I'll bet you could pick up a dime with your toes! You are too funny - love your whonky photos~~~

Doncha just love to get together with the ladies and catch up? 'Specially when you're working on such a nice project!

Pennsylvania is just beautiful with all the farms. Been there when I was a kid, but didn't know how to appreciate it then. Hope I get to visit again one day!

Melissa G. said...

heehee, good to know i'm not the only one who takes photos while driving! =)

JD said...

I enjoyed your pictures. I so miss getting out your way. It's been too long! maybe next spring...Just been too busy around here with fixing water damaged ceilings. Hope you have a good week.