Saturday, January 18, 2014

What's New?

Well, since you asked.  What's new is that I'm up to my ears in ....wait!  That's not new.  I'm always up to my ears in something.  It is how I like it.  But over the last weeks I felt led to get involved in not one, but two local ladies Bible Studies.  They are affiliated and are both called Change of Pace.  One meets in Southern Lancaster County, where I live...the other meets in Central Lancaster County, where I play.  Seriously, that is where everything is.  We go up there to Target, Ruby Tuesday, Chick-fil-a, Sight and's all up there.  Well, this second study is actually the same one I took in the Fall.  It is the Real Body Revolution class.  We have sweet little memory verses that help us keep on track and tons of great materials to help us learn about eating for our health...not our scale.  I'm sure I'll write more about that as it goes on...but I've already reaped so much benefit from this information that I will ever be grateful for this class.  Just ask any of my doctors.  I am WAY healthier now than just 8 months ago.  The cardiologist decided he doesn't need to see me for a whole year!  Yay!

The other study is on Gideon.  It is a video series by Priscilla Shirer.  With just the introductory week done I can tell you that if I learn nothing else it was good enough.  It would take too long to tell you the impact from this past week, but it was huge.  It is ongoing and one of these days you are likely to learn about it.  For now, I am just living in the imaginary chalk circle in which I pray that revival begins and that it starts inside the circle.  Let me be so on fire for our Lord that He shines through me.

This is the long awaited week in which Johnny comes from Denmark.  I hope he can live with lots of pet hair, because between our house and Mom's, where he will actually stay, we have six animals who are full time shedders.  Ugghhh.....  I've been trying to get rid of all of it...but it is definitely a losing battle.  He will just have to live as we do.  I did, however, find a cleaning product company that is making my life soooo much easier when it comes to cleaning.  AND there are no chemicals used in the process.  Have you heard of Norwex?  Their basic products are super effective microfibers in which most have silver woven in.  The importance of the silver?  It purifies whatever it is in so after I am done cleaning I rinse out the cloth and hang it.  As it dries the silver destroys any germs I might have cleaned up!  Hurray!!  I went a little nuts when I first got them on Wednesday.  I cleaned windows, the dining room hanging light, the ceiling fan in the kitchen and the outside of most of my cupboards.  Someone came to the door so I stopped mid process.  I really should finish that up.  My favorite so far?  The dusting glove.  My hand is so big that I'm really efficient! lol  Seriously I can cover a lot of territory...and because it is a glove I can also get into the tiny spaces to get them clean as well.  The spindles on the stair banister were a piece of cake.  The dirt gets picked up and washed away...not just pushed around.  Good, good products!   They are not inexpensive but the three main pieces I have so far cost less than having someone come to clean and I totally enjoyed using them!

Infomercial over.  In interest of full disclosure...I didn't get anything for writing about them.  I paid full retail...and I don't mind one bit.

Today I am planning to run candles to two of my retail shops.  Fresh Spring fragrances.  Mmmm.....It will be here before we know it.

O.k.  Gotta run.
Hope you have a perfectly wonderful day.


Theresa said...

I have not heard of that product but I am going to search it out! My daughter has dog hair troubles! It is everywhere! Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!

Terra said...

I had not heard of these cleaning cloths with silver in them. Your Bible studies sound very worthwhile.

Vee said...

When you take off, you really fly away, Little Birdie. Very good to have you land. Nope, never heard of Norwex, but I do love cleaning products. I like my little spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide for cheap, though. Will look forward to reading anything you write...