Friday, January 24, 2014

Absolutely Cold but Beautiful Day in DC

One day while the kiddos were a lot younger and studying history in school one of them asked what the DC stood for in Washington DC.  Without missing a beat I said, 'Da Capitol!  We all laughed and discussed that it really is District of Columbia but forever more it shall be Washington 'Da Capitol for this family.  Yesterday Warren, Chelsea and I drove down to this lovely "little" town to meet Johnny and do some sight seeing before bringing him back with us for a visit.

The weather was beautiful....however....the temps were quite chilly.  We parked and walked, 

and walked 

and walked 

until we were just about completely frozen and stepped into the Art Museum - East Building, which happens to be closed for renovations.  We were, however, able to enjoy the lobby areas and chat a bit while we warmed up.  

Warren took this picture of a sculpture that freaked Chelsea out.  I wanted her to stand with it for a picture but she quite refused.  

Well, it is interesting....

While in the art museum I snapped this picture of the happy couple.
It was fun to see them meet up after more than a month
of settling in back in their respective homes.
Who knows what God has planned but we are open to whatever it is....

Just sayin' though....Denmark is a long ways away.

Then we went to the museum of Natural History.
Don't even get me started on the philosophy of this place...
but I knew that going in.  
I do love all of the animals to be found there.
So, we enjoyed that.

Of course I was attracted to the Australian display since that is where
Chelsea and Johnny met while she was at her YWAM DTS.

Next up, 
Warren who is totally my knight in shining armor walked and walked
and walked back to get the van and pull it closer so that the rest of 
us could escape being completely frozen for a second time.
What a dear man!

While he did that Chelsea, Johnny and I went to the American History Museum.
It is one that Warren and I will return to since by the time he came 
back we had kind of seen it.
Johnny was still on Denmark time so it was getting quite 
late for him.  We decided to do the rest of our tour from the van.
It was great.

We saw so much of Washington yesterday that I've never seen before.
And then ended with this beautiful sunset over the water
near the memorials.

Of all of the amazing man made things we observed and enjoyed yesterday...
none could top this artistry by our Heavenly Creator.


Sue Runyon said...

Looks like a good, but chilly day. Next time you'll be in DC, let me know and maybe we can meet for lunch or something.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Glad you had such a good day. We are all looking forward to meeting Johnny!

I hope that Mikey and Jonathan were nice! lol!


Vee said...

And DC does get mighty cold! One of the coldest days in my memory was spent in DC in the third week of February.

How nice to have a tour and get acquainted with Chelsea's friend. Keep having fun!

Debbie said...

I love those first pictures with all the glistening snow! I happen to think Da Capitol is a beautiful city, snow or shine. My older daughter lives there so half my heart is there. I know you had a wonderful visit. What a good looking couple!

(And I have never been inside the museum of natural history, mainly because of the philosophy you mentioned. One of these trips, I do need to suck it up and go in. (After all, I'm paying for it, right?)

Wonderful shots. You made my heart ache a little.