Thursday, January 9, 2014


Hello!  It is me.  The one who is sitting so comfy on our new (to us) love seat.  It is sage green with pillows galore.  It is warm and cozy.  Jonathan said right away that it was probably a bad idea to get a comfy couch....and he just might be right.  But in the meantime I'm writing to you to get to stay here a bit longer.

I have enjoyed having Chelsea at home, so much!  We are visiting all of her favorite cafe's.  Turns out that everyone who told us that returning from a long term mission trip has its ups and downs was very right.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to walk this road with her.  She learned so much and is still processing much of it.  However, getting reports from the cafe ministry in Thailand about lives that began through her team's obedient service....has cheered her up greatly.  At least one girl from the Red Light District in Chiang Mai has left her former life in the bars and is now 
working at the Cafe where Chelsea sang. 

Another upcoming event in her life that is bringing joy is the visit of one of her friends from YWAM.  His name is Johnny and he is from Denmark.  It is kind of a big deal to have a young man come to visit but after Warren and I have been getting to know him, long distance, we are all very much looking forward to his visit.  We have had many conversations with him and find Johnny to be a very sincere believer with a heart to serve the Lord.  This weekend he will be doing outreach in a large city in Denmark.  
It is tricky for Chelsea and Johnny to enter into this visit with hopes of a longer term relationship but with uncertainty about what the Lord has for each of them.  
They would certainly appreciate your prayers for God's leading.  
We know that He does all things well.  

Jonathan is doing so much better these days after his spinal injections.  He has been taking it easy as per the doctor's orders, and so hasn't tested it under harsh circumstances, but overall he has much freer movement and considerably less pain.  We are so thankful.  The doctor has offered a second set of injections if Jonathan feels he needs them.  At this point Jonathan doesn't feel the need.  Rejoicing!  It makes going to work as a security guard much more enjoyable as well.  It is easier to make your rounds when each step isn't filled with stabbing pain.

Michael is seriously involved with a lovely girl.  Emily is so sweet and beautiful, yet feisty enough to deal with Mikey. He has a pretty lively personality and needs someone to challenge him.  Emily does that.  It is so great to see how much he loves and respects her.  Best of all is that they both love Jesus so much.  So many things can be worked out and worked through when Jesus is at the center of a relationship.  
These past few weeks of changeover at the theater has Mikey working in the rigging department.  Usually he is moving sets during shows....but they all take on other responsibilities during the time when the shows are in transition.  It turns out they are using him as a climber.  He is tethered and climbs to many high places in the theater.  It is right up his alley.  Dangerous....hard.....mentally and physically challenging.  We are thankful for the healing in his collar bone that has allowed him this ability which he enjoys so much.

Warren is working weird hours.  Of course we expect this during the changeover period.  The next show, which will open in March, is Moses.  It is going to be out of this world.  But in order for the rest of us to enjoy it there must be a time to build it.  This is keeping hundreds of people busy, busy, busy over these weeks.  It is such an honor to be a theater family.  Enjoying the creativity and the reward of seeing Christ change lives through the stories on the stage.  You know how we read that the Word will not return void?  Well, it is very true.  People come and watch these shows and the testimonies are amazing.  More than just "nice show"...they are often more like, "My husband and I decided to stay together after" or "I recommitted my life to Christ after".  Yep, that's what all of the hard work and long hours are all about.  
Good stuff and saved souls.

Our mothers are just wrapping up a two week mission journey to Peru.  God has blessed them so much.  Story after story of opportunities to share.  Terri Roberts, the mother of the man who committed the Amish Schoolhouse shooting, is one of the four who are speaking.  Her testimony has made an impact.  Ladies have been saved and others are more committed to serve the Lord.  One young lady who was struggling with Anorexia came to her and said that she was sure that God would be with her in this struggle if He could bring Terri through such a horrible tragedy.
  Praise God!
I think that Terri would say that God continues to bring her through........

Mom and Georgia have had opportunities to share with many ladies.  Through their testimonies,
translated by Luisa who organized this trip,
and in other ways.
They also helped with a children's event.
I hear that those kiddos were amazingly energetic.
I'm not surprised and just found it amusing for some reason.  

Well, I really should get on with some other things.  I have one dog asking to go outside and  I should figure out what I can make for dinner that will be good "whenever" Warren gets home.  It was great to get to go to brunch with him today after he worked until the wee hours this morning and got a bit of rest.  I know what a truly blessed woman I am to have such a loving and hard worker for my husband.  I praise God for him and his love of Jesus which shows in all aspects of his life.  We will celebrate 25 years of marriage in March.  Wow...and cool!


sammysgrammy said...

First of all" Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary.

Your family has my head spinning. It is ever so full of life.

I'm glad you go a little R&R on the loveseat.

Lorrie Esposito said...

I echo Rita in the anniversary congrats. May God bless you both with many more happy years together.

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your family. Lots of excitement at the Keeney house, no wonder you want to hunker on the couch! Enjoy :-)

Theresa said...

SO many things to praise God for! A wonderful family following the path that they are being led down to help others while growing themselves! BIG HUGS and CONGRATS to you for all of the GREAT things going on in your life!

Gayla said...

It has been so good to catch up with you and your family who have all come to mean a lot to me. Much life, love, laughter, and celebration going on in this season of your life. Love you!

Karen said...

My goodness, lots of things happening for you guys! I love hearing about them and catching up with you.

So glad to hear Jonathan is feeling relief from his treatment. Chronic pain impacts so much, from what we are able to do to our attitudes and interactions with others. So, so happy for him!

Praying for God's leading in both your other kids' relationships. And praying for you and Warren, too. Each step of letting them go as they enter their adult lives is hard on the parents (at least I find it to be for me) so I'm sure you can use prayers as you navigate more changes.

Hugs to you, dear friend!