Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Turkey Is In the Oven....

I know, 
you are thinking that I have lost my mind, right?
Turkey is not New Year's Fare...
especially in South Central Pennsylvania.

It shook Chelsea up a bit to see it out
thawing yesterday as well.
She commented that I was cooking
for the wrong Holiday.

But never fear.
The turkey is in the oven but the pork and sauerkraut 
is in the crock pot.

I've determined to work my way through the stash
of meat in the big freezer over the next few months
so that we can get a side of grass fed,
hormone free beef.

I've been getting organic chicken at Costco
and am happy to continue doing that 
but we are going to transition our beef source
from the grocery store to the farm.

There have been some hiccups in my 
healthy eating plan in the past 
couple of weeks 
but I am very ready and excited to get back 
on track.
I've not lost all control.....
even in the craziness and excess of 
Thanksgiving and Christmas I have made 
many better choices.

I'm so blessed to have this information
placed in my life at the time I was desperate to hear it.
I'll be retaking my healthy foods class
beginning in January.
I hope that, since my candle order load
will theoretically be lighter,
I can spend more time on the homework
and doing research.

In the meantime....
we will have baked turkey for many ready to put 
together meals.

And that left a lot more space in the freezer......
On our way to our side of beef!

What are you specifically choosing to do 
differently in 2014?


Vee said... mind doesn't bend this way. I am no good at resolutions and will not be making any nor am I going to choose a word nor a scripture this year. LOL! Don't I sound naughty and rebellious? But I heartily cheer on those who do. (I baked a turkey last Friday and have a wonderful several bags of turkey frozen in the freezer waiting for meals in the winter. I hope not to buy any meat this month. Oh-oh...that actually sounds like a plan! Lied again.

A wonderful day and a Happy New Year to you!

Theresa said...

Turkey is good to me ANY day:) Enjoy this New Year's Day! I plan on resting and watching some good Football! HUGS and prayers coming your way!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Sounds good, Becky.

I am working on building more discipline into my life, in many areas including eating and exercise. God is good! This year will be transformational!


Sarah@Like sunshine in the home said...

I have a few resolutions. One is to visit lovely new blogs!

I also have general resolutions about organising the house, eating better, exercising more, etc. The usual.

Enjoy your turkey. :)