Friday, January 31, 2014

So cute!

 Grandma Ruth took Chelsea, Johnny and I to a very sweet cafe this afternoon for lunch.
There are a series of large buildings that used to be a cork factory 
in the city of Lancaster.

Chelsea and I just loved almost everything about this place.
We really studied the decor, the menu and the layout of both the 
common space and the work space.

It seemed to be very well thought out and it is spotlessly clean.

As you probably remember, I love pretty glassware.
These cake servers were stacked in the window
and that blue one, 
which happens to be a square, 
caught my eye.

I told Chelsea to feel free to mention it to Warren. 

Last evening was an all family dinner at Grandma Georgia's house.
We introduced Johnny to Pennsylvania Dutch Chicken Potpie.
It was so delicious!
We also had corn that we had frozen at the end of the summer.
There is nothing to compare!
So fresh and sweet!

It was fun to have Mikey and Emily with us.
They are such a fun couple.
Emily is so funny and loves to pick on Warren...
which totally makes us laugh.
There aren't too many who really feel comfortable picking on him
but this one does and it is so cute!

It is such a blessing to have both of our Moms 
fully integrated into our lives.

They share so much with us.


Vee said...

Look at those smiles! Glad that you're finding fun times to spend with family and friends.

Oh, is a Pennsylvania Dutch chicken pot pie a special or unique recipe? I have never heard of it...will g00gle!

Mrs.Rabe said...

Such a great time in your family life! It makes all those years of work worth it!


Theresa said...

Oh YES, BLESSED indeed:) I love the pictures! Chelsea and Johnny look TOO cute! Have a blessed weekend dear friend, HUGS!