Monday, January 27, 2014

Fun Weekend

Where to begin?  Yikes!  This was a very full weekend.  Friday night we cleaned at the church.  Mrs. Rabe, Rachel, Lindsay and I were able to clear a bunch of stuff out of the upstairs storage room.  We had a great time doing it too.  Others were painting, cleaning marks off walls and dusting.  Some of the men put baseboard on in the sanctuary which was the completion of our wall removal expansion project.  I love seeing all of the busy hands of the church.  Even the younger ones were armed with sponges and cleaning solution to scrub walls.  Teens were vacuuming and everyone was doing it with happy hearts and smiling faces.

Our reward for the hard work was some music time.  Some of the young people blessed me by playing and singing some praise and worship with me.  There is little else I would rather do than enjoy an evening of music.  Harmonies, guitar chords and enthusiasm for good lyrics and pretty melodies.

Saturday found us driving through light snow to Ephrata for our friend Nicholas' basketball game.  If I am correct it was his last home game and Chelsea thought it sounded like a fun activity as well as getting to see our friends, the Barrs.  You've seen them on this blog before.  We really enjoy their family.

Nicholas is number 41 and is about to receive the ball.
He is a great basketball player and we really enjoyed watching him 
help his team win.

After the game Chelsea and Johnny got their picture 
taken with Nicholas. 
I'm thinking Nick should sign this one.
It could be worth something some day...
after Nick perfects the dunk.
He's almost got it!

It began snowing...for we left the game and only got worse while we ate
a late lunch at Applebees.
So the roads were a bit "iffy" for about half of our ride home....
but all of a sudden the sun came out and the snow on the roads melted. 
We had a perfectly fine rest of the day which was great 
because it allowed Georgia to keep some important plans
for the evening in York.
Plans she had initially cancelled because of the snow and came with us
to Nick's game so her day was a full one as well.

The rest of us came home and eventually watched a movie together.
Walk the Line.
It is one our favorite movies.
The story of Johnny and June Carter Cash.

Sunday, of course, was Worship time.
We had a good service  with an excellent message from Pastor Mike
about Trusting through the hard times.
He is preaching from the book of John and was talking about 
how Jesus prepared his Disciples for the hard hours and days that were just 
before them in the time of His death.
He knew there would be betrayal, fear and disappointments.
But, he assured them that this would not last.
He would rise again.
And He did!

We came back to a wonderful dinner at Grandma Ruth's.
She makes the best roast pork chops.
Hands down!

And then enjoyed long conversations.
Great conversations.

Our evening activity was cookie baking and another movie.
While You Were Sleeping.
Our friend, Hannah, joined us for both of these and 
we had a very good time.
I had forgotten some of the crudeness that is in it
but I still love the movie. 
Forgive me.

I have to say that we love Johnny.
He is just a wonderful young man.
No matter what the outcome between he and Chelsea we know
that we will be delighted to call him a forever friend.

Now I should go and start breakfast.
Have a wonderful day!!

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