Thursday, October 18, 2012

Walking in the Gardens

 I took a pass on cleaning up the kitchen yesterday in favor 
of joining Chelsea and our friend Sarah
at Longwood Gardens.

We had a hard frost last week so much of the outdoor 
gardens were impacted.
However, there is always something looking 
pretty in these acres of gardens.

The trees are just beginning to turn.
It will likely change faster now that the frost 
has happened.
Maybe if I get a chance to return next week 
I can document the changes as they happen.

Ordinarily the rose gardens are hot.
Therefore I spend small amounts of time in them.
However, yesterday they were a very 
comfy temperature for walking and we enjoyed them
very much.
I'm thinking they must have covered them overnights 
last week because they don't seem frost bitten at all.

 Am I allowed to have favorites?
If so.. I choose these yellow and peachy blooms.

 The roses are so large that they
were weighing down the stems.
In the Conservatory we found things a bit "in between" as well.
Not that it wasn't beautiful...
not at all.
However, the Mums have just been put in 
and most weren't fully open yet. 
Again, another week and it is going to wow!
Of course I still found color
to enjoy.

Gerbera Daisy....So cool!

I'll leave you with this funny shot of Chelsea and I.
Just a little fun with the camera.
That's what we do.

Don't ask.
I just threw it in for your amusement.

Have a happy day!


SmilingSally said...

Hi Becky,

You've gone blonde! And, I'm going dark blonde/gray. Shhh. You don't say "gray."

I love those lipstick roses. That's what the florist called the yellow with a deep pink edge when I ordered them for my National Honor Society induction. (I was the sponsor when I taught school.)

Have a great day.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful Longwood!

That shot of the Gerbera daisy is wonderful!


Vee said...

Ohhhhhh...the photography is amazing and the flowers glorious. I really enjoyed so many of these angles. I'm choosing the same roses that you chose! Cute final picture...I have a thought bubble for both of you!