Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tommy Candle Sales are Brisk!

What a blessing!

We are raising money for Tommy's homecoming expenses.
People are telling me that they are excited to share the
candles and tell his story.

I think it might have something to do with
She is so dear.

Now, I am swamped so I am going to leave you 
with some photos from a few minutes I spent 
at Muddy Run Park yesterday.

It was a crazy day in so many ways.
Some good, some bad.
I needed the break.

So on my way home from spending 
good time chatting with a friend
I took this detour.

She looked up to say hello.

Then went back to her dinner.

I've never done that before.
But it was so much fun that I did it 
again today at a different park.
Two, actually.
I can't wait to peek at those pics and 
see what I got.

But for now
I hope you are enjoying 
yesterday's captures.

Well, I wasn't going to take the 
time to share this today but I do owe
God praise.
So.....I'll share.

I'm thankful for safety in two 
situations yesterday.
First, I was at the mailbox when a State Trooper 
passed, turned around and came back meeting
another one in front of the neighbor's house
where they took a man into custody.

I had been thinking while getting the mail about going
over there to introduce myself
to the very man they put in handcuffs as I thought 
he was likely a new neighbor.
Ummm.....I'm thinking that God sent those 
policemen in a very timely way.

The other situation was a very bad weather system 
that blew through last evening.
Jonathan and I were out driving as horrific storms
blew through Lancaster County.
We were cringing at the nearby lightning strikes 
and then squinting to see 
through the extremely heavy rain but we were not caught 
in the wind that brought down trees and wires.
Our power was out until 5 am this morning 
but that is so minor compared to what could have been.
Weather experts are now in the area 
evaluating the damage to determine if it was 
caused by a, or a couple of, tornadoes.

So, you see, it was an up and down day.
The ups involved sweet fellowship with a friend
as well as the support and love shown through the 
Tommy candles.
They way outweigh the bad.


Vee said...

Praise God for His timing and how He takes care of His own. Yikes...especially with the new neighbor. At least, if he shows back up, you know to be wary. Those storms sound like something else. We got them here in the night. It actually started with thunderstorms around 9 in the evening and lasted through much of the night.

Mrs.Rabe said...

Beautiful glad you took the break, we all need down time!


JD said...

As always, Beautiful photographs! Thanks for sharing...