Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Church Yard with A View

 Today is cloudy and drippy.
It's o.k. with me because I love cozy days to make candles.
And I have many to make!
So far we've sold more than 180 Tommy Candles.
So I am happily busy.

Keeping up with my determination to capture just some of the 
beauty all around us here in Lancaster County's Autumn of 2012
I stopped the other day at my neighbor, Judy's, church.

It sits on a hill and looks out over 
perfect farmland.
We are so blessed to have all of this agriculture
around us.

I also happen to love historical cemeteries.  
And I see some family names on these stones that 
tell of past generations of friends I know now.

I hope, 
wherever you are today
that you have a wonderful day.
I hope that you are able to take 
a few moments to enjoy the things our Creator
has blessed us with.
Whether is is a great view
or some favorite music....
perhaps a cup of perfect tea
or a special dinner.
Take some time to reflect on the blessings 
we enjoy.
They are many.

 Even the poorest of us
here in the United States most likely
has more than so many around the world.
Something to remember.

 I want to leave a legacy of joy.
A legacy of love.
A legacy of Faith.

I think it is something about the cemetery that 
brings these things to mind.

Well, that and a conversation that Mom and I had
recently.  It is so important to those who have lost 
loved ones to remember the one who has passed away.
To talk about them.
To keep their memories and their mark on our lives
in mind.

Well then, 
I started out to show you a few pretty 
photos and ended up "preaching".
I hope you don't mind too much.
I was speaking to myself and you just got to listen in.

Have a very lovely day.....


Vee said...

There is no sorrow greater than believing that we can no longer talk about the ones who are waiting for us. I had to force myself to sit down and write that letter last week to the parents of a former student of mine who tragically died with the meningitis "thing" that is happening in the country. I decided that I would talk about him and what he had meant to me personally. I prayed that it would not cause them more grief, but help in some small way.

These photos are so lovely. The last one really shows your gift for composition. That tree...wowzer.

Yay for the candle sales!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I thought about Uncle Gary the other day, about the first time he met my Tim, just days after we got engaged. "I see you finally found one thats blind deaf dumb and stupid!". LOL. I sometimes still rib T about that. If it werent for the big hug he gave me and the firm handshake he gave T afterward one might have thought he was serious!

Elena said...

Thank you for sharing Becky! The pictures are so beautiful!