Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's Mikey's Birthday!

 Today he is 20 years old.
Where did the time go?

 Mikey and Chelsea get into all kinds of craziness.

 Upside down Mikey?
Totally normal and what we expect.

 Doesn't the middle child always love attention?

 When he was a baby and we would go through stores with him in a cart he would cry when we would go away from the light/fan display. 
Now he has super lasers.

 He prefers a different kind of horse power....
but he's not above racing a horse if the challenge is made.

 Ummm...Mikey?  That is miniature golf..not pool!

He encouraged Grandma Ruth to take flight....
without the plane.
It was only fitting that he come out and watch.

to a very 
fun, caring, energetic, thoughtful, 
dedicated and wonderful 
young man.

We are so very proud of you!


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Happy Birthday Mikey!!! So looking forward to getting into trouble with you in November!

Vee said...

Gosh. The years really are flying by. They're flying so fast that I was certain that Mike was 21 this year. I know...don't rush it, Vee!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Mikey!


Theresa said...

Happy Birthday Mikey! What a handsome and fun fella! Have a blessed day, HUGS!

JD said...

Happy Birthday, Mikey! Hope you have a really special day!

Vickie said...

Well, Happy Birthday Mikey! He's a good-looking young man, Becky! Looks like a barrel of monkeys, too! Bet he keeps things interesting!

Gayla said...

Happy birthday to a great guy! Have a super week! It fet nice to ave you in my state!