Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Close Call....As if Tornadoes and Burglars Weren't Enough

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Praising God, once again, for His hand of protection
on us yesterday afternoon and evening.

Jonathan needed to be at work by 4pm.
He really needs to get his driver's license but things keep 
coming up that keep us from getting the practice driving time in.
Many things.

So, it had been a while since he last drove.
I offered him the opportunity to drive to work.
He took me up on it.

We started out.
However, before we had even left the driveway
he noted that the brake pedal was acting strangely.
He had to push it to the floor to stop.
As he was able to stop I figured he had just
forgotten how that particular brake pedal worked.
I didn't want to discourage him by saying that we 
should take the van...
which he cannot drive due to his long legs.
He honestly doesn't fit in it without the steering wheel 
being held in one place by his legs. we went, still in the Buick.


As we drove on down the road the car kept pulling to 
the right.  Badly.
I thought it was strange but made note of the fact that 
we needed to get the car aligned.

Another mistake!

We got to a very hilly and curvy road.
Much brake usage is required...
especially if you are a learning driver who 
is riding with me.

We were headed down a very large hill 
when we simultaneously smelled burning brakes
and heard the ding of a warning system.

I looked to see if it was a low gas warning.
I asked him what warning light he might be able to see.
He noted that the brake light was flashing....
and then stayed on.

Oh dear!
This was a very bad place for this to happen.

Cars on our bumper and no good place to 
pull over. 
We kept going.
I got on the phone with Warren who said 
we shouldn't be driving with that light on.
However, we had gotten pretty close to our 
destination by this time so he said to make it there if we could.

We did.

Jonathan handled it so well.
I panicked when his coworker stepped in front of our car
as he came to speak with us.
I knew that he didn't know that the brakes were all 
but toast.

Warren checked the brake fluid levels and they were
nonexistent.  One of the wheels was really hot
as that brake was stuck on.
This would explain the pull to the right.

 So we went and got some fluid.
After putting it in we did a test.
I pushed on the brake pedal while Warren watched 
under the car.
Well, the pedal went to the floor and Warren watched
the fluid run all over the ground. 
This wasn't good.

So, Warren looked at me and said that I would have to 
drive home using the Emergency Brake.
I told him he was crazy.
I wasn't going to attempt that.

So he did.

We left his car at work and came home
to the clicks and gear shifting of an alternative 
form of driving.

Warren accomplished his goal and the car is at home.
We are safe and sound.
And I got to enjoy time with my hubby as I drove him to work 
on this early foggy morning.

So thankful for that kind of an ending.
So proud of the men in my life.
I'm blessed.


Mrs.Rabe said...

That road is one not to be driven on without good brakes!

Glad you arrived safely!

We missed you and Chelsea last night.


Vee said...

Ackkkk! I know how scary having something go awry is. Glad that Jonathan handled it well. In fact, I'm thinking the situation might have required his strength over yours. God is good!

AnnMarie aka Vintage Junkie aka NaNa said...

I bet that experience was more scary after you were safe and sound and thought about it! Glad it didn't turn into tragedy!

Theresa said...

That's a scary story! Happy you all are safe! Thankful ;). Hugs

Karen said...

So thankful you are all ok! I can't imagine driving those roads in your area without adequate brakes.

Jonathan is cool under pressure, for sure!

Love the candle, too.

bananaorangeapple said...

This sounds like an adventure and hopefully Jonathan will have learned some things most learner drivers don't - like how to drive without brakes