Friday, October 26, 2012

Sandy is Coming....So They Say.

This is one time I would really like the weather folks to be very, very wrong.  Right now many people in our community are still cleaning up from the tornado that came through last week.  There are tarps on roofs, trees on houses and a missing playground at a local church.  

So, if the talk about the possible destruction of Hurricane Sandy (Frankenstorm) happens to be hype I will be ever so grateful.  

At least this time Warren is supposed to be at home.  He missed the tornado last week (that knocked out our power) and last year when we had a huge snowstorm (that knocked out our power) at the end of October he managed to be out of town too.  Hmm....I'm sensing a theme.  Not sure if it is Warren's theme or the weather's theme.  Either way, having him at home if the power is out is much better.  He knows how to set up and run the generator which will keep our house "running".  Even if it is at a reduced capacity. 

I don't think I ever told you how close Jonathan and I were to encountering the recent tornado.  In fact we were mere moments from being directly in its path as we headed into Lancaster for dinner before Jonathan had to be at work.  Right before we left the house we realized that it was storming.  I hopped online and checked for weather alerts.  There were none.  So we headed out.  As we were just heading out of Quarryville on 222 there was a very impressive lightning and thunder combo just to our left.  We both shuddered at the intensity.  We discussed our surprise at the strength of the storm.  It had to be either right before we passed the road to New Providence or just after, the tornado swept across 222 and on to White Oak Road.  I've seen some of the damage all over our area and can tell you that God's hand must have protected many that night.  Roofs were taken off homes, trees smashed into many buildings and a roof collapsed on a pavilion onto little league players and parents who were taking refuge there.  Amazingly, 
there were no deaths.  Several were taken to the hospital from the pavilion collapse but no one died.  

Some of you know that I would have goats if we had the right conditions.  Since that is not going to happen I love to observe goats on local farms.  One of these farms is about three miles from our home.  They have about fifty goats.  During this storm that barn collapsed while all of the goats were inside.  Amazingly they were all fine.  However, the barn is gone.  Completely gone.

So, this is the reason I am not excited about Sandy's approach.  It seems like a mighty hard time for those who are trying to rebuild.  Just sayin'.

However, I am not the one who gets to choose the weather.  If I were, I'm afraid it might be 70 degrees and sunny all of the time.  That would create problems all their own.  My faith is in the One who created the weather.  The One who calmed the storms as we are told in the Gospels.  

I will pray for those in the path of the storm.  We will prepare with our generator, gasoline, propane for the grill and foods that can be cooked on the grill.  If we all happen to be at home together for a few days we'll make the most of it.  

What would you do with a few days without power?  I'm already thinking of some great books on the bookshelves that are just waiting for my attention.  Some games of Scrabble with the family sounds mighty fine as well.  Hmmm.....maybe I shouldn't be so quick to wish Sandy away.


Carol said...

I praying that the hurricane won't be as bad as they're predicting. Take care & keep us updated.


Gayla said...

I'm thinking of you! Keep us posted!

PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

We are on red alert. I expect to be in storm mode on Monday. My prayers are not only for those possibly affected but also for the heroes that go out in that stuff to restore power!

Doris said...

I'm praying for God to calm the storm. Our town was hit hard with flooding Sept. 2011. Some people are just now getting their houses back in order. We will have to Trust in our God through the storm should it come. Blessings to you!

Vee said...

I shall say goodbye to all my blogging buds on Monday evening just in case. I'll say something like, if we never meet on this earth again, we'll meet in glory. Oh I do hate it when people say that, though it is so true.

Sounds as if your area needs a reprieve. You've had quite enough weather to last you a good while. We are praying that it'll go out to sea. If the radio station's listeners where I listen are any indication, only 17% believe the forecast. I'm in the 17%, though I know that weather can happen any time and so we shall be prepared.

Take care, my dear friend. I'm so grateful to the Father that you and Jonathan were spared any further difficulties. Sometimes it's important to know just how much we have been protected from.

Karen said...

Hoping you get a pass on Sandy/Frankenstorm. It's scary just how many people are projected to have problems from this. Glad you'll have Warren home, too, if the worst hits.

Scary story of taking Jonathan to work! Praising God you were protected again!

Theresa said...

I will add my prayers that Sandy skips on by without stopping to cause you all grief! If I was without power for days... hmmm, perhaps read, put a puzzle together or sort papers that need sorting:) Have a blessed weekend and stay safe! HUGS!

Linda Gross said...

I, too, am praying that this storm will not be as bad as the forecast is saying. There are so many friends and family in harm's way. We are ready for the storm, expecting mainly a wind and rain event.

I was close to a tornado years ago. I still recall how scared I was. The tornado touched down just a few miles from where I was. I am glad that you and your family were not injured from the tornado.

Please note that I have a new blog. The address is

Rachel said...

Here in Virginia, we have Sandy coming from one side and a cold front coming from the other -- they're calling it the Frankenstorm. Praying there aren't any big injuries or deaths resulting from it. May you and yours be safe!

(PS I have a new blog too -- Cook, Teach, Grow.)