Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It is Not Because It is Boring....

Hello there!  My dear friends and family members who pop in here expecting to find out what is going on at Hospitality Lane.  Well, I'm here and feeling quite scattered.  My candle fund raisers started earlier this year than ever before.  Now I have that tired feeling that I don't usually get until mid November.  Not that it is a bad thing....I'm just realizing that this year's candle season is going to be a marathon rather than my usual sprint.

I refuse to give up important things in life while being busy.  You know, ladies events at church, dates with my hubby, coffee with my Chelsea, birthday celebrations for my boys.....therefore I sit here typing and my eyes are more than a bit droopy.  I'm sure it has nothing to do with the leftover tuna noodle casserole I just called a late lunch.

The weather is changing here.  Big time.  On Saturday when I am planning to be at an event in Harleysville, Pa it is supposed to be 56 degrees...for a high.  So I expect 40's or so when we are setting up.  Chilly!  For sure.  But it is supposed to be sunny.  Can't ask for better weather to sell candles.  It is a 5k run for the American Red Cross but they are adding rides for the kiddos, face painting and crafters booths to help bring in the crowds and make it a fun family atmosphere.  My friend, Deanna, is bringing her wonderful handbags, scarves and jewelry from Fab Fashion too.  Here's hoping we both have a great day.  She just might sell a boatload of scarves to people with really cold necks.

I must wrap this up pretty soon and get back in the candle kitchen.  Right now I am wearing Chelsea's Hershey Chocolate apron and have been making hot chocolate candles, along with apple pie and orange clove candles.  I have a large baby shower favor order waiting for me and a second one likely to be placed tomorrow.  Have I mentioned how much fun these are?  Baby showers are such happy occasions.  The first one I need to do is for twins.  One boy.  One girl.  How fun to make half blue, half pink candles.  And the labels?  They took forever but just look how cute they are......
It's a prince and princess theme.

Most of the photos in this post are from our drive home from Missouri.   That really, really long drive which was made tolerable by books on CD and the amazing views.  Now, I didn't get many photos because taking photos from a car really doesn't work that well for me.  I deleted most of those.  I did try.  

What is happening with you? 
 Are you busy?  
Taking care of yourself?

Well, I sure hope so.

Oh!  I just have to tell you about another amazing project I am working on.  Tommy Candles.
Yep!  We are going to make money to help bring Tommy home from his orphanage in Eastern Europe.
More details to follow.  His mama, Susanna, is a very dear friend of mine and she is approving everything as we go.  I love working with her.  I think you'll really like what we have come up with.  

O.k. I'm really going now.

  Miss you.


PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Hang in there, sorry I'm not closer to lend a hand! How fun that would be <3

Vee said...

It's good to be busy and productive, Becky. Glad that you have so many candle orders. It's a blessing in this economy. Have a fantastic Saturday and many blessings as you work to bring another child home.

Tanza said...

Hello Sweet Becky girl !!
I've been such a bad bloggy friend !! I do LOVE when I pop over here to check in on you !! Always something beautiful for my eyes to behold, and something' always crackin' !! Love your pretty fall pictures !! Wish I was there at this time of year !! So so so beautiful .. truly !! Gods' blessings all around !!

Your new candles sound so yummy !! The apple spice .. makes my mouth water just saying it .. I'm going to have to break down and order a case I suppose soon, the shipping would be crazy .. HEAVY !! Better yet, I WILL come pick some up from you !! Soon, I hope ..

Stay well my friend, soo happy you are busy working, and enjoying life as well .. God is good my friend .. Be BLESSED ..

Love and hugs ~Tanza~ xo

Melissa G. said...

Thanks for the fall pictures. They are beautiful to see.

I can't wait to hear more about Tommy Candles.

Buttercup said...

Looking forward to your Tommy candles. It's a beautiful fall day in New York City. About to stop at the grocery and then do a crockpot chicken and watch the Yankees game.

Happy wishes to you!

JD said...

Your photos are lovely, as always. And I know what you mean about the weather...quite a change isn't it? After all those hot days during the summer, it's been a shock to me how chilly it is some days...
Take care, and hang in there...