Saturday, July 14, 2012


Tomorrow Warren, Chelsea and I take off on a vacation
of sorts.

We are headed North.
I've never gone this direction for vacation.
We only go South.

However, Chelsea had need to go that way for an
Art/Writing/Drama Guild she will attend.
I have, for a few years now, 
wanted to visit the area where I was born.
The Adirondack Mountains.

we are going to do it.
After we leave Jonathan, Michael 
and the Moms in charge of the cats, dogs and 
expected new chicks.....we'll head out.

Chelsea and our friend, Anthony, will be delivered
to a very special location not too far from 
New York City tomorrow afternoon.
They will join nearly 100 other young adults who are 
on a mission to impact 
the world of the Arts
for Jesus.

Warren and I will head about two hours north and 
begin our journey.
Exploring and gathering images of places where
my parents met, fell in love and married.

I hope to peek at the hospital where I was born.
Today Mom gave me directions to get to the tiny school
on the side of a mountain where my Grandpa built a home
and where my existence began.

If I were to peek inside one of the rooms of that home
I would see the very place where my dad began my 
theological training.  
Mom showed me the photo today.
I'm in my baby seat and my young, young, 
daddy was leaning over me teaching me precious truths.
How thankful I am for this heritage.

I'm going to find a fire tower and declare it 
the very one that my mom, 
very overdue, 
climbed...or attempted to climb...
in an effort to get me to decide to be born.
It didn't work.
I'm just that stubborn.

I'll have access to the internet and hope to blog
some as we go but don't worry if I don't post often.
Warren and I have never gone on vacation 
alone before so one never knows what 
we might get ourselves into.

We just might have such great adventures
hiking and sightseeing that we 
pass out in deep sleep
without posting a daily update.
It could happen.
No kiddos to slow us down.

I have visions of us white water rafting,
taking a picturesque river cruise, 
visiting a historic site (or five),
Poking through antique shops,
Taking in a free jazz concert in a town square,
picnicking on the shores of a great serene lake.

We might do one or more of those things.
But in any case....
we'll enjoy the change of pace.
For sure.

See you later!


Buttercup said...

You're getting close to my part of the world. Hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to your pictures.

Theresa said...

Sounds like tons of fun to me! Enjoy every moment with your Hubby! Drive safe, HUGS!

Vee said...

Well you two have a great vacation! It's more than time for you to be together and enjoy the joys of being together without children and others around. I know that there will be many pics and lots of stories to tell when you get back. Do not worry about posting even a little wee bit. I'm so happy for you both.

Elena said...

That sounds like a lot of fun!!

Susy said...

One of my favorite memories of upstate NY is Lake Placid. Must see if you're anywhere near there. Have a wonderful adventure together ~ I'm looking forward to your posts.

Tanza said...

Have a wonderful time Sweet one !! Prayers for safe travels, and can't wait til you get back and share your pictures !! You are quite the photographer I must say !!
Always love and blessings
~Tanza~ xo

mylittlecottage said...

nice post thanks for sharing looking for to visit more...blessings

Mrs.Rabe said...

I'd love to see photos of you white water rafting!

The picnic and antiquing I can picture, white water rafting? Hmmm

I know you're going to have an excellent time away! Enjoy the change of pace!


Karen said...

Hope you and Warren have a wonderful trip-and that Chelsea and Anthony have productive and helpful week, too.

Have fun!

Linda Gross said...

I have your blog back in my blog reader. I was getting so confused having two google IDs. I had to log out of one ID and log into another ID update my Wordpress blog. Whenever I wanted to catch up on my reading, I had to log out of the ID that I use for my Wordpress blog and log into the ID that I used for Google Reader. Now, Wordpress and Google Reader are under the same ID. I stopped using the other ID. I am in the process of adding my reading list into Google Reader under my new Google ID.

I haven't read your blog posts recently. I will begin reading again right here. Good place to begin, I think, too as you are going on vacation. Have a GREAT time!