Monday, July 23, 2012

Just Gorgeous....Everywhere

Well, we are back.
It was a very long day on the road Friday.
We left The Cabins in Hope at 9:00am
and after picking up Chelsea in New Paltz we
arrived at our door around 8:00pm.

Then we took Jonathan to dinner and
to his overnight shift.
Finally about 10:30pm we were able
to get home to unpack and get some sleep.

It was so good to see Chelsea again and to hear
about her week.
We were more than impressed by the things she
had to share.
We would have no hesitations about letting her attend
this event again in the future.
However, next year, when it happens she is supposed to
be in Australia.
So...maybe in two years.

Now, back to the review of our days in New York.
Some of these adventures were just too fun
and have to be documented.

One of the first places our Inn host, Dave, mentioned was this water fall. 
The directions were a bit vague. 
You know, the kind given by someone who knows 
exactly where it is and can see it in their mind's eye. 
But for us, 
who had never driven those roads we were 
going a bit by the seat of our pants. 
Nonetheless, we eventually found it. 
Back a road which had a bit of a washboard effect.
This wasn't it.
We hiked in and looked....
Back in the car and a quick drive back up the road 
led us to to this.
The falls area.

We loved the sounds of rushing water.
Pretty soon an elderly couple with Florida plates
pulled up and kind of waited around for us to leave so
we headed back out to our car.

I was a bit concerned about whether they might trip and 
fall as they came in.....
all I could see was two heads of white hair.
Well, I need not have feared...
apparently they were quite capable because in no 
time at all they were at the falls and they let out 
a yee-haw.
We got such a kick out of that.

Thanks to my brother I now notice 
He and Bev are amateur mushroom hunters.
They are very good at it.

Pleasure Lake
This little beach was just along the highway.
We made a brief stop and then kept heading North.

 We stopped for lunch at Logan's Bar and Grill.
These Morning Glories were in the neighbor's yard
just beside the parking lot.

Next we were on to Lewey Lake.
I had this crazy idea that we should rent a canoe.
I am not a water person so this was not exactly the brightest idea 
I had while on this vacation.
I did, however, want to participate in the usual lake activities 
for the area.
Maybe it will work out better next time.

 Here is the proof that I finally did get into the canoe.
Poor Warren had to be very insistent that I get in and sit down 
while I blathered on about how I just knew he would take me 
to the middle of the lake and it would be a disaster.

 Once we headed out
 I began panicking because I had insisted on bringing the camera.
I was terrified that we would tip over and I would lose it.
Next time....the camera stays in the car.
 The lake was very shallow.
I wanted to stay close to the shoreline but 
we kept getting stuck.
Then there were swimmers that Warren wanted to go around...
not unreasonable....
unless your scaredycat wife is freaking out.

 So we returned.
Some people who had heard me refusing to get into the canoe
were still loading up their canoe after their day of fun
on the lake. 
They came out and pulled us in.....
but Warren didn't want to come in yet so he 
went back out for just a tiny bit 
which would have been fine if the water had been deeper
so that he would have gotten out before
 those very helpful
 tried again to pull him in.
It was a disaster.
But, hey!, I tried.

We sat for a while down by the beach and watched some kayakers having a ball.
One of the little boys was fishing from his kayak.
When he came back in to get a new worm for his hook
he yelled, 
"Hey Mom! I'm happy!!
Do you thiink I am too happy?"

Ahhh....childhood memories made at the lake.
Good for him!

This little chipmunk was very entertaining.
It kept coming right up under the table at our feet.
Then I would wiggle my toes and it would shoot out the other side toward
the camping area. 
Crazy rodent.

Well, this post is very, very long.  
I think I'll stop here and pick up the rest of this last day in the mountains
in my next post.

For today I have to get back to work.
Baby shower favors to be made, 
supplies to be picked up
some details to take care of thanks to the 
thieves who stole "my name".
Thankfully it is just with the candles 
but that is quite enough.

On the upside,
I will soon be providing candles for 
Fab Fashion in Lancaster.
You know my friends, the Rabes, own this 
amazingly adorable shop.
I can't wait to provide some of their 
fav's to offer their customers.
Miss Rachel has requested
 Blueberry Muffin and Fresh Baked Apple Pie candles 
so they will 
be there for sure.

Off to work.....
Have a wonderful day!


Vee said...

Welcome home! I think you may have enjoyed the kayak more. Even I enjoy kayaking because you're more centered in the water and not perched up as in a canoe. Those canoes can be very tippy! But oh the shots you took! Very nice. I might have been nervous about the camera myself. Nope, I definitely would have been.

Have fun in the candle business...I am still frustrated for you with the knock-offs in CA.

Linda Gross said...

I could almost hear the water rushing in your waterfall pictures.

Your lake adventure sounds fun. I have been in a small boat before, but I was much younger. I am nervous about getting inside one now.

Theresa said...

Loved looking at all of those pictures:) Great trip and beautiful sights!!! Have a blessed day dear friend! HUGS!

Mrs.Rabe said...

You were in such beautiful locations!


We can't wait to introduce your candles to our customers! They are in for a treat!


~PJ said...

I have so many pictures that have that triangle of the front of a canoe messing them up! LOL. The best thing I've discovered is to take about 4 plastic bags, when the camera is not in use I put it in all the bags and zip them up. It's not overkill, I promise!